Mic Turner

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PLEASE NOTE: This information is NOT CANON for the Elite: Dangerous setting.


Mic Turner graduated with honours from the civilian pilot's school on the frontier world of Jones Colony (Essfafa). Mic's passion, even as an undergraduate, was long distance flight and the novice pilot was one of the few to discover a habitable (and later terra formed) world before passing the full explorer's grade exams. An early association with Meredith Argent grew into a life-long partnership that changed the political face of the Galaxy.

Meredith and Turner together first proposed the creation of a safe political unit for those who wished to exist out side the protection of the Federation or the constraints of the Empire and the pair were the main driving force behind the creation of the Alliance of Independent Systems.

Mic's explorations had always been in the Northern Edge zones and the development of a number of newly terra formed planets in the region provided the funding necessary for the creation of a Colonising Navy - with Mic, naturally, at the helm. The disputed system of Alioth was ripe for a stable government when the Colonists of the new embryonic state moved in and, despite a certain amount of resistance, the fledgling democracy grew and flourished.

Alioth developed a solid economy and became the site for the New Rossyth Shipyard, destined to build the Galaxy's greatest ship: the Turner's Quest. The ship broke all the rules and opened new and greater space routes to the dedicated explorer. It was also the ship in which Mic was flying when he was ambushed by an INRA attack wing and killed.

Turner and the Thargoids