Meredith Argent

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Current Situation

The Chair-elect of the Alliance of Independent States and co-owner of the New Rossyth Shipyards and Argent Aerodynamics Amalgamated INC and life long friend of infamous explorer Mic Turner (deceased)


Little is known of Meredith Argent's history. She grew up in wealth (she was the money behind AAAI) and she was a life long friend of Mic Turner.

Turner's Death

The death of Mic Turner was at tragic blow for Meredith Argent. Not only was Mic her longest, closest friend, but he was killed by INRA doing what he loved best; exploring.

Meredith sent her aide, Jo Merion to retrieve Mic Turner's body and Stow master Capsule, but her attempt was blunted by INRA

In the meantime, she and the board of the New Rossyth Shipyard organised a requiem for Mic Turner, which took place at Fortress Culloden on Argent's Claim.

Meredith could not let her old friend's memory end with an incomplete mission. She sent out her own Argent's Quest and an unknown pilot to complete Mic's mission to restablish contact with the Thargoids race.