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The Alliance


Formed in 3230 and centred in the Alioth System [0,4], the Alliance has become the "third force" in the Galaxy, commanding an increasingly important role against the old powers of the Empire and Federation. It is portrayed as being a beacon of human rights and democracy in an increasingly autocratic universe and has a weaker state than either the totalitarian Empire or authoritarian Federation. Significantly, it is also strong enough to throw its own weight around rather than just being a "spoiler" grouping. This renders the Alliance the closest to a "White Hat" that can be found in the Galaxy


Non-belligerent opposition to the major powers has been the hallmark of the Alliance, at least since the bloody resistance campaign at foundation (see History below). Whilst militarily self-sufficient, the Alliance's true strength lies in the willingness of its populace to defend its ideals. This "citizen's militia" approach has proved surprisingly effective, and makes public opinion within the Alliance both a vital tool and a potential threat. The Alliance is also a much looser grouping than the relatively unitary states of the other two powers, and whilst this reduces the interdependence and shared sense of nation, it also allows for a variety of worlds to join together without the conflict and rebellion that can characterise large empires. Having said that, the human rights treaties which are a precondition for joining mean that member worlds will share more values than not.

Sphere of Influence

The Alliance proper comprises 24 worlds (excluding the newest world, Phekda) all roughly contained in the rectangle formed by map references [0,4] to [-3,6]. Whereas the Alliance holds some sway over the systems directly to Galactic south and east, its influence is somewhat checked by the presence of the Federal Military HQ at Eta Cassiopea [0,2]. Nearby Federal worlds have also shown somewhat of a tendency to Finlandize, although the strong Federation state apparatus has kept these worlds in check. The Alliance also has a broader appeal within the Federation as a more idealised and less corrupt example of "how the Federation should be run". Needless to say, this movement is non-existent within the Empire, and the geographical distance from Imperial Space renders their rivalry more ideological that physical.


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