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Mantis Transport
Maximum gross mass 166t
Empty mass 915t
Payload 749t
Main thruster accel 6g
Retro thruster accel 3g
Gun mountings 4
Missiles 8
Crew 8
Hyperdrive ranges Class 4:5.24
Class 5:8.19
Class 6:11.80
Class 7:16.06
Standard drive Class 6
Fuel scoop yes


Designed by Mic Turner of Turner Class fame and manufactured by AAAI the Mantis is a medium to large cargo ship commonly seen plying Alliance and Federation space. The Mantis has good performance for its size and its multiple laser and missile mountings allow it to survive in hostile space.

Notable Features

The Mantis has a distinctive sphere towards the rear of the ship.


Although large the Mantis does not compare in size to the larger Panther Clipper and Griffin.


A good medium large trader or very large taxi and delivery ship.