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Maximum gross mass 2425t
Empty mass 241t
Payload 2184t
Main thruster accel 5g
Retro thruster accel 3g
Gun mountings 4
Missiles 8
Crew 12
Hyperdrive ranges Class 5: 3.09

Class 6: 4.45
Class 7: 6.06

Standard drive Class 8
Fuel scoop Yes


Second only to the mighty Panther Clipper in terms of size, the Griffin is a welcome addition to the list of ships available to wealthy commanders everywhere. True, it will set you back in excess of 3 million credits, but for your money you are getting a ship which will cater for every need of the entrepreneur in you.

Notable Features

The Griffin appeals to purchasers who are making that final push towards the ultimate trading ship, with enough capacity to maximise the profits they make in each system. Compared to the Panther it has a great deal more style, which endears it to those who like to attract admiring glances when making a manual landing in a down-at-heel Frontier starport. Large enough to carry vast amounts of cargo between the stars, it can also be kitted out with a frightening array of weaponry, making it impervious to almost all enemy craft.


Running costs would be the Griffin's biggest downfall. It consumes hyperspace fuel like a holo-vid star consumes Lyrae weed and you'll need to fork out considerable Cr to your 12-strong crew each week. Also, the Griffin is slow, slow, slow. Hyperspace ranges are small, acceleration almost un-noticeable, so you'll be spending a lot of time either in hyperspace or trundling between your hyperspace exit and the starport.
Although the Griffin is tough enough to deal with most attacking craft without even denting its shields, its lack of maneuverability leaves it vulnerable to any foe who is rich enough to mount a plasma accelerator on their craft. These fearsome weapons can cut through any amount of shielding like a knife through butter.


If you think you want to buy one of these ships, you had better be a high-volume trader rather than a fresh-faced pilot looking for thrills and danger in the space lanes. Stick to the Griffin's strengths and this is a ship which will see you through just about any situation, and you'll still make a healthy profit when you (eventually) dock.