Eagle Long Range Fighter Mk 3

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Eagle Mk III
Maximum gross mass 8t
Empty mass 30t
Payload 22t
Main thruster accel 28.2g
Retro thruster accel 15.1g
Gun mountings 1
Missiles 2
Crew 1
Hyperdrive ranges Class 1:10.00
Class 2:40.00
Standard drive Class 1
Fuel scoop no


A small ship, with just enough space to cram in the most necessary equipment to make it a Long Range Fighter, but with the need for compromise. The 22t of internal space can be distributed for instance as follows:

  • 5t - 1MW Beam Laser - a must-have for anyone ever expecting to get into a fight
  • 6t - Military Drive 1 - gives you 4 tons you can use for other equipment
  • 1t - Scanner - goes without saying
  • 1t - Autopilot - never leave home without it
  • 4t - Fuel - for a theoretical range of 40LY (4 jumps)
  • 5t - at Commander's disposal (e.g. Radar Mapper, Atmospheric Shield...)

Or, to make it a true long range fighter, for those really urgent parcel deliveries:

  • 5t - 1MW Beam Laser
  • 12t - Military Drive 2
  • 1t - Autopilot
  • which puts you in a dilemma: 4 tons of fuel for maximum range, or sacrifice 1t to fit in the scanner. If you're a really good shot, you could also build in a 5MW Pulse laser, that frees up 1t. Note that you can't land on planets with atmospheres with this ship.

Notable Features

Imperial retrofit, with improved retro-rockets.


  • It is just too small to do any serious trading or ferry passengers.
  • You either struggle with very limited range (10LY) which can make navigating a pain, or you build in the Mil Drive 2 and miss out some other vital piece of equipment.


The absolutely most powerful combination of main and retro thrusters ever build. Only the Falcon or Osprey X has marginally better mains, but decidedly worse retros. And, for the Eagle, the (theoretical) ability to cover 40LY in one week! This ship is fun -- but as with most fun things, you'll find it's not worthwhile in the long run.