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Falcon Attack Fighter
Maximum gross mass 5t
Empty mass 16t
Payload 11t
Main thruster accel 30.2g
Retro thruster accel 9g
Gun mountings 1
Missiles 2
Crew 1
Hyperdrive ranges Class 1 Military:18.75
Class 2:75.00
Standard drive Class 1 Military
Fuel scoop no


The Falcon is the best of the small fast ships. It has the highest acceleration and usable albeit tight amount of space. The Falcon was designed by the Federal Military for mass planet attacks, They would be transported across by much larger ships then released for the attack. These Falcons were fitted with an Interplanetary Drive allowing a 5MW Pulse laser to be fitted. Although this allowed for no extra fuel room (once the two missiles were added), the Falcon did not need it, with the ability to travel over 200AU simply on 1t of hydrogen.

The Falcon available on the open market is a little different, the addition of the Class one military drive has cut down on space so you can no longer fit a 5MW Pulse Laser but a 1MW should be sufficient. There is room for all the necessary things such as Atmospheric Shielding and Autopilot. The Falcon is best suited to the delivery life mainly military as its high thrust makes it a quick transport ship.

Notable features

The Falcon has the fastest acceleration of all ships.


Very little cargo space.


If you are a fighter or a trader forget it. If you want a little military adventure go for a Falcon.