Eagle Long Range Fighter Mk 2

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Eagle Mk II
Maximum gross mass 6t
Empty mass 28t
Payload 22t
Main thruster accel 28.2g
Retro thruster accel 4g
Gun mountings 1
Missiles 2
Crew 1
Hyperdrive ranges Class 1:10.71
Class 2:42.85
Class 3:96.42
Standard drive Class 1
Fuel scoop no


the Eagle Mk 2, produced by the Federal Military Research Directorate, was an upgrade to the ubiquitous Mk 1 Long Range Fighter. Although there was much hype at its launch, this was quickly overshadowed by controversy when the extent of the poor design became public.


The Mk 2 involved seven years of design work. The released product was slightly larger and faster with debatably improved looks. However the retro thrusters were poor by even shuttle standards at four gees.

Other deficiencies and inadequacies were found quickly. After a Mk 2 imploded on liftoff, killing the pilot, an inquisition was launched into the design. Although no 'smoking guns' were found, the Federal Military Research Directorate never fully recovered from the incident.

Notable Features

The Mk II remains one of the faster small ships on the market, and has decent capacity for outfitting as a fighter. It's also highly manoeuvrable, making it hard to target in combat. Due to this small size however, it can't take much punishment.


The retro rockets are inexcuscably weak at four gees. Most pilots will forgo the autopilot and do a manual flip at the centrepoint of their journey.


A ship for the pilot who enjoys a challenge. Any pilot worth their salt will keep a wide berth.