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  • Abbo dabbo: "space madness"; Witchspace psychosis
  • Annie: an Anaconda
  • Blues: police
  • Bug: Thargoid
  • C-monkey: a spacer (pilot or crewman -- usually specifically human or humanoid)
  • Cobby: a Cobra (usually followed by "One" or "Three", to distinguish a Cobra Mark I or a Cobra Mark III)
  • Dancing the Tionisla Two-Step: deceased
  • Dock-jock/Dock jockey: station dockmaster
  • Doughnut: a Torus station
  • Downer: a fuel leak
  • Ferdy: a Fer-de-Lance
  • Fuzzball: a ship surrounded by a fuzzy electrostatic corona. Commonly associated with extensive, successive E.C.M. System use.
  • Hardhead: an ECM Hardened Missile
  • Iron ass: a heavily shielded ship
  • Jameson: an inexperienced pilot
  • Lane Art: vandalised asteroids
  • Kiss the stars/kiss the sun: sunskimming
  • Lollipop: a flag on a flight grid scanner
  • Press space, commander: see Dancing the Tionisla Two-Step above
  • Quarksman: an engineer (usually highly skilled)
  • Randomius Factoria: a deity invoked in The Dark Wheel and elsewhere. The god/dess of chance/luck?
  • Rock-jock/Rock jockey: an asteroid miner
  • Scutter: a low-grade technician
  • Slim/Slim Jim: a Cobra Rapier
  • Spacer: noun, generic term for a person who lives a predominantly spacebound existence, opposite to a planetbound existence.
  • Sparkler: a plasma cannon
  • Squawk: distress call
  • Squealer: an ECM
  • Sucker: a planet-dweller
  • Sunshine: Quirium
  • Tagalong: any ship which uses another ship's wormhole to make a witchjump to the same destination
  • Witching to Reenus: to any spacer this means a hazardous fool's errand with little reward for the considerable danger.


As I've said before, I've never been a fan of posting lists of slang or jargon for things. In the case of slang words, slang is supposed to be mutable, and thus is ever changing, hence a list of it would be out of date very quickly.

In addition, making a lot of slang available like this will encourage those who are "in the know" to use it a lot, and any newcomers to a community will have no idea what anyone in stalking about.

Very creative, yes, but no real benefit to a community in my opinion.