Osprey Attack Fighter

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Osprey Attack Fighter
Maximum gross mass 4t
Empty mass 15t
Payload 11t
Main thruster accel 27.2g
Retro thruster accel 8g
Gun mountings 1
Missiles 2
Crew 1
Hyperdrive ranges Class 1 Military:20.00
Class 2:80.00
Standard drive Class 1 Military
Fuel scoop no


The light attack ship of the Empire. This is the smallest mainstream fighter used by the Imperial Navy. It's light, fast and manoeuverable and has a sense of style which is lacking in most Federation ships.

Notable Features

The Osprey is one of only a few ships in the galaxy to come with a military drive standard, allowing a superior hyperspace jump range with minimal weight. the curved wings on the Osprey provide both style and atmospheric stability.

The primary engine acceleration is almost unmatched in human space, however, like the Eagle Long Range Fighter Mk 2, this is matched with a poor retro acceleration. this means that it is unlikely a pilot can take advantage of the forward accerlation unless they are seasoned pilots who know what they are doing.


Like all ships in its weight range, the Osprey has only one use: An Interceptor. Being such a small ship, the Osprey can only handle a small Pulse Laser which won't do significant damage to anyone. In groups however, the Osprey can become unmanageable pests, as many Federation pilot will confess to.


There isn't enough space on the Osprey for any cargo, so forget a life of trading in one of these. Its designed to catch up to its enemies and destroy them, without being hit itself. If thats all you want to do, then this could be the ship for you. Otherwise, look for something with a little more....weight.