Lanner 2

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Lanner 2
Maximum gross mass 60t
Empty mass 271t
Payload 211t
Main thruster accel 7g
Retro thruster accel 4g
Gun mountings 2
Missiles 2
Crew 3
Hyperdrive ranges Class 2:4.42
Class 3:9.96
Class 4:17.71
Class 5:27.67
Standard drive Class 3:9.96
Fuel scoop yes


An evolutionary step up from its younger brother the Lanner the Lanner 2 has little to recommend it. Slightly more sluggish with a slightly increase mass and capacity.

Notable Features

The tail wobbles a bit due to the centripetal artificial gravity generator.


The Lanner 2 takes everything that was bad about the Lanner and makes it worse. The rotation speed is worse. The acceleration is worse. The price is worse.

There wasn't anything good about the Lanner for the Lanner 2 to improve on.


A bit prettier but not much else to say really.