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Maximum gross mass 53t
Empty mass 245t
Payload 198t
Main thruster accel 8g
Retro thruster accel 4g
Gun mountings 2
Missiles 2
Crew 3
Hyperdrive ranges Class 2:4.89
Class 3:11.02
Class 4:19.59
Class 5:30.61
Standard drive Class 3
Fuel scoop yes


The Lanner is a fairly common ship seen in all parts of human space. Its squat delta-wing shape is instantly recognizable if somewhat ungainly. It is the favorite of up and coming traders and semi-well off pirates alike. The large space inside allows for the mounting of a powerful laser or plenty of cargo space. Unlike the smaller ships a pirate in a Lanner is a significant threat to the larger cargo ships if not dealt with quickly.

Not particularly fast and with a slow turning rate the Lanner has trouble against the small fighters so will often be escorted.

Notable Features

Nobody knows what Michael Lanner was thinking when he designed the ship, but they do suspect he was in a system where narcotics are a major import. It's too small for the price to be a decent trader, it turns too slow and has too short a range to be a decent fighter. The 8g acceleration is a running joke (compare the 6g of a Panther Clipper!)

The Lanner has successfully proven that it can be possible for a multi-role craft to have no useful role.


Very poor rotation speed.

Very poor engines.

Very poor missile capacity.

Very poor price.

Very poor design.

Very poor frontal cross section.

Very poor attempt at a ship.


Not typically a ship you want to keep in the long term. Isn't going to win any beauty contests either.