Kestrel Airfighter

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Kestrel Airfighter
Maximum gross mass 11t
Empty mass 20t
Payload 9t
Main thruster accel 25.2g
Retro thruster accel 6g
Gun mountings 1
Missiles 2
Crew 1
Hyperdrive ranges Class 1 Military:15.00
Class 2:60.00
Standard drive Class 1 Military
Fuel scoop no


As its name suggests the Kestrel has been adapted from an air fighter and while its performance in an atmosphere is very good it is a lackluster interstellar ship. When used by the military the Kestrel is typically fitted with an interplanetary drive and deployed from within a larger mother ship inside the solar system of its target. The larger room afforded by the smaller drive allows the Kestrel to be an effective planetary attack ship when used in large numbers.

When fitted with a military drive the Kestrel struggles to find an effective role. If used it is most commonly seen as a very fast messenger or courier. Its high acceleration allows for the fast delivery of small documents and packages in the military and civilian sector. In recent years the Kestrel has been made obsolete by the larger and faster Falcon in this role.

The Kestrel is considered somewhat of a "sports car" of ships. Fast but not particularly comfortable or practical.

Notable Features

The Kestrel has a high acceleration.


Too small for much except joyriding.


Useless, for everything but courier runs because even the small military drive is too big for this craft. You can only fit in a 1MW Pulse Laser, and even then you'll have to forego either Scanner or Autopilot if you actually want to take some fuel to go anywhere.