Jjagged Bbanner

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The most prolific Dreamware band in the known galaxy, Jjagged Bbanner have solidified their spot at the top of the dream-rock genre over the last sixty years and show no signs of falling.

The band members of Jjagged Bbanner live a semi reclusive life near the Lost Gardens of Antipi-Hymbos on Wicca's World in the Alioth System. They weren't always this way however and in their youth staged wild, exilarating stunts. One such stunt was the Wiccan Ware Race, which has now become more infamous than the band itself.

Wiccan Ware Race

A stunt dreamed up by their PR of the time. On the release of an early album, freelance pilots were welcomed to pick up a copy of the album from Old Currie in the Hope System and deliver it to the 'Cultural Centre' of the Alliance, Wicca's World, in the Alioth System. The winner of the race would share in the one day sales, gaining a millionth of a percentage. This usually amounts to a few months pay working as an honest trader.

The Race continued with the release of each new album, the latest being Lost on the Edge. Over the years, the race has become an institution and to remove it could cause anger amongst the die hard fans, some who wait with engines primed, years on end, sitting at the Old Currie starport, waiting for such an opportunity.

Sadly, the Race has degenerated into what could only be described as a demolition derby. Many participants in the race are killed, their ships destroyed by trigger happy juveniles looking to boost their ELITE combat rating, or just involved in race accidents. As a result, their music is banned in the Empire.