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This OXP is designed to add some variety to the range and behaviour of the hyperdrives of various in-game ships. Some caution is advised as this will likely limit the range of both core and oxp player ships alike.

A ships hyperdrive determines both how far it can travel in a single jump (hyperspace range) and also how quickly it can initiate such a jump (hyperspace countdown). With the addition of various pieces of equipment, such as an extra energy unit or a wormhole scanner, the maximum range can be increased.

Player ships will no longer exhibit uniform hyperspace behaviour although non-player ships (were such behaviour is usually less obvious) remain unaffected. The maximum single jump range of 7.0 lightyears remains unaltered.


  • Hyperspace countdown time becomes a factor of ship size - generally speaking, the bigger the ship, the longer the countdown.
  • Hyperdrive range can be boosted by purchasing various core items of equipment (and reduced should they become damaged).

The standard Cobra MkIII range is now reduced to 5ly (not quite enough to get from Lave to Zaonce).

This can be increased with

(1) any of EEU, Galactic Hyperdrive, ANA and Wormhole Scanner will increase the range.


  • This OXP needs Oolite v1.80.



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