Boa (Frontier)

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Maximum gross mass 200t
Empty mass 1500t
Payload 1300t
Main thruster accel 8g
Retro thruster accel 4g
Gun mountings 4
Missiles 6
Crew 12
Hyperdrive ranges Class 8: 16.20
Standard drive Class 8
Fuel scoop yes


The largest of the freighters produced in Indepedent shipyards, the Boa Cruiser is the Anaconda's big brother. It is is large enough to buy a starports stock out in several items and make a fortune in. A rich mans vessel, it comes with a rich mans price tag. In comparison to some of the new freighters, the Boa is an antique, but it is a timeless antique, still flying the space roads after other ships have come and gone.

Notable Features

The Boa looks exactly like an Anaconda, only bigger. It has the same shape and dimensions, just to a larger scale. Despite the increase in weight, it actually has superior acceleration. It also has two turret gun mountings, which make fighting opponents considerably easier when using such a large vessel. Another interesting fact: The Boa only requires two more crew over an Anaconda, despite being double the weight.


The Boa comes standard with a class 8 hyperdrive. These are hard-installed in the ship and cannot be uninstalled by regular shipyards. Class 8 drives cannot be purchased either, so any pilot has to make sure they constantly service their engines - because they will be in trouble if it fails. To make matters worse, the Boa is very, very, very slow.


A large, subtly beautiful ship. It is one of the finest large freighters available, lacking pure size in comparison to the Griffin Carrier but making up for it in style and history. The Boa will make a fine freighter ship, but little else - certainly not an assasins ship!


In the Original Elite, the Boa Cruiser was a ship often used by pirates. It's shape was also different, looking more like a multi sided prism with a circular rear. It was changed for Frontier, Elite II and maintained in First Encounters. Also the Boa was originally the smaller precursor of the Anaconda.