Wages and Price of Goods in FFE

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On this page is non-exhaustive list of numerous monetary data (wages, costs of goods etc) from FE2 and FFE fan fiction and official game data. All of the data is from the period 3200 (when Elite:Frontier beings) to ~3310 (when the 'HPA Saga' fan fiction series is set).


Mentions of wages/salaries are hard to come by in the FFE world, both in the fan fiction and official data.

Job Income per Day Income per Week Income per Year
Spacecraft Crew [low] 0.71 5 260
Spacecraft Crew [avg] 1.43 10 520
Spacecraft Crew [high] 2.14 15 780
Spacecraft Crew [v high] 2.86 20 1040
Cargo Handler (1) 0.89 6.25 325
Federal Military Sergeant (2) 5.78 40.46 2,103.87
Space Adventurer (3) 76.16 533.14 27,723.50

Notes: (1) On the Cargo Handlers salary: 'Twenty-five credits [per month] was quite a high wage to be paying a member of your crew, let alone a cargo handler!' From Pritchard on the Frontier, Chapter 16. Source: http://www.alioth.net/~mufossa/stories/pritchard/story16.html

(2) On the Federal Military Sergeants salary: "The calculation is quite simple: the price of a Cobra MkIII against the cost of paying you a Sergeants salary for fifty years and a pension for twenty more. The Cobra was cheaper." Source: http://blackspace.alioth.net/index.html ['Unlikely Coincidences']

The cost of a Cobra Mk 3, with a 1MW/P laser, autopilot, and Navicom and no other additional components is 126,232 Cr. If we assume that the annual pension is half the value of the annual salary, then we can divide the value of the Cobra 3 by 60 (50 years of normal salary and 20 years of half salary - for the pension).

126,232 / 60 = 2,103.87

Thus the Sergeants salary per year is roughly 2,103.87 Cr.

(3) On the Space Adventurers salary: The figure is taken from 'Winston and Gilmour's Guide to the Edge' which lasted from July 3263 to July 3264. During this time James Winston earned 27,723.5 Cr net income from bounties (282 successful kills) and salvaged cargo.

Price of Various Goods

A list of goods from the FE2 and FFE world with their corresponding price/value in credits. The prices of space-ships (e.g. the Eagle 2) and ship component (e.g. a 1MW Beam Laser) have been omitted because they are well documented on Frontier/Elite fan-sites. Any details on the geographic location are in square parenthesis [ ].

The prices of the in-game commodities are based on the price of the goods in the Zeceand system. This system was chosen because it does not export or import any goods which should mean that the prices are the 'default' prices for the whole game. I've also compared them to the prices on Ironfrosts website and they are almost identical (+/-10%).

Item Cost Units Source
'Betterthanlive' tickets 59.89 Each Journal Entry 0027
'Star Boot Enterprises' Inc. 50,000,000 Down-payment on the company. Journal 0568
Plans for the Asp. (Sold by the Feds to AAAI in 3270.) 2,200,000 n/a www.alioth.net
Terran Trout. ['Crazy Mazy's', 52nd Street, Tracy, Fawaol] 2,000 Per bite Journal 0325
Dinner for two. [The God's Eye Café, Mars High, Sol] 500 n/a www.alioth.net/~mufossa/stories/rockjack/weaver2.html
Turkey Sandwiches [Tionisla] 1 Pair HPA Saga (Part 2, chapter 2)
Mega Gin 6 2 shots www.alioth.net/~mufossa/stories/rockjack/weaver2.html
'Blue'. An alcoholic beverage. ['The Space Bar', Kohl Base, New America, Groombridge 34] Per Glass 1 www.alioth.net/~mufossa/stories/rockjack/weaver12.html
Imitation Altairian Ale 3 'A Call to Duty'. Vasquith de Havilland
Narcotics: Alpha Centaurian Casssanova Resin 750,000 0.5 tonnes 'Past as Prologue: part 1' Dyan Smith
Narcotics: Achenarian Weed (street price] 1,000 5 Packets 'Past as Prologue: part 1' Dyan Smith
A book: Bob Iascatti's Handbook 25 Each FFE Manual
A book: 'The Greatest Crime of Norman Mosser' - by Phyllis Bron 7.99 Each HPA Saga (Part 2, chapter 4)
Second hand escape capsule 400 Each Dark Wheel
Ship suit [Vequess] 800 Each HPA Saga (Part 1, chapter 3)
3 plasma rifles, 2 Lance & Ferman handguns, ammo belt with 300 plasma packs. [Riedquat] 850 n/a HPA Saga (Part 1, chapter 5)
Sunglasses [Duval City, Achenar] 300 pair 'Past as Prologue: part 1' Dyan Smith
Deathwreaker 2. A 0.3mW handgun. 2,500 Each HPA Saga (Part 2, chapter 1)
Laser-Sniper Rifle 3,000 Each HPA Saga (Part 2, chapter 1)
Gauss-Sniper Rifle. Blackmarket Price. [San Francisco, Sol] 10,000 each HPA Saga (Part 2, chapter 2)
Water. Default Price. 1.0 Ton In Game
Liquid Oxygen. Default Price. 10.0 Ton In Game
Grain. Default Price. 40.0 Ton In Game
Fruit and Veg. Default Price. 100.0 Ton In Game
Animal Meat. Default Price. 140.0 Ton In Game
Synthetic Meat. Default Price. 20.0 Ton In Game
Liquor. Default Price. 400.0 Ton In Game
Narcotics. Default Price. 600.0 Ton In Game
Medicines. Default Price. 550.0 Ton In Game
Fertilizer. Default Price. 15.0 Ton In Game
Animal Skins. Default Price. 800.0 Ton In Game
Live Animals. Default Price. 950.0 Ton In Game
Slaves. Default Price. 1,000.0 Ton In Game
Luxury Goods. Default Price. 1,400.0 Ton In Game
Heavy Plastics. Default Price. 35.0 Ton In Game
Metal Alloys. Default Price. 25.0 Ton In Game
Precious Metals. Default Price. 1,700.0 Ton In Game
Gem Stones. Default Price. 3,000.0 Ton In Game
Minerals. Default Price. 7.0 Ton In Game
Hydogen Fuel. Default Price. 9.8 Ton In Game
Military Fuel. Default Price. 50.0 Ton In Game
Hand Weapons. Default Price. 500.0 Ton In Game
Battle Weapons. Default Price. 600.0 Ton In Game
Nerve Gas. Default Price. 800.0 Ton In Game
Industrial Parts. Default Price. 125.0 Ton In Game
Computers. Default Price. 450.0 Ton In Game
Air Processors. Default Price. 200.0 Ton In Game
Farm Machinery. Default Price. 75.0 Ton In Game
Robots. Default Price. 780.0 Ton In Game
Radioactives. Default Price. -4.0 Ton In Game
Rubbish. Default Price. -0.6 Ton In Game

Price of Various Goods

A list of various services from the FE2 and FFE world with their corresponding price/value in credits.

Item Cost Units Source
Galactic Emergency Services Loan 100 n/a Dark Wheel
A Bounty for killing a space-pirate 30 Each Dark Wheel
A Polar-Bear Hunting Vacation. [O'Rourke's Colony, Exiocan] 11586.99 Per Week Journal Entry 0315
Maintenance costs of an LRC, per annum 3,000,000 per ship HPA Saga (Part 1, chapter 5)
Rescuing Princess Heskith-Duval 2,000,000 n/a HPA Saga (Part 2, chapter 1)
Assasination of Vasquith de Havilland 100,000 n/a HPA Saga (Part 2, chapter 2)
A guided tour of Boston Base [Sol] 0.5 Each www.alioth.net/~mufossa/stories/rockjack/weaver1b.html
Hiring a solicitor. The standard charge. 50 per Hour FE2 Manual
Hiring an armed escort ship 100 Per Day FFE Manual
Hiring a Private Detective [Esveor] 1,000 Per case 'Justice for Mrs Combs' Robert Todd
Renting a meeting room [Duval City, Achenar] 50 4 hours 'Past as Prologue: part 1' Dyan Smith
Renting a cabin in steerage. Tiliala (via Sol) to Phekda. >1 month travelling. 3,250 person www.alioth.net
Renting a cabin for a 10LY interstellar journey (No risk) ~250 Per Cabin In Game
Renting a cabin for a 10LY interstellar journey (Low risk) ~750 Per Cabin In Game
Renting a cabin for a 10LY interstellar journey (Moderate risk) ~1,250 Per Cabin In Game
Renting a cabin for a 10LY interstellar journey (High risk) ~1,750 Per Cabin In Game

Criminal Offences

Finally a list of criminal offences and the fine you have to pay if you break the law.

Criminal Offence Fine
Failure to obey traffic control n/a
Launching without clearance 500
Evading payment of fine 2,000
Unlawful discharge of weapon 600
Illegal mining 200
Trading in illegal goods 500
Attempted bribery 2,000
Smuggling illegal goods 2,500
Unlawful dumping 3,000
Permit violation 4,000
Piracy and murder 10,000