Tiger Trader

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Tiger Trader
Maximum gross mass 80t
Empty mass 400t
Payload 320t
Main thruster accel 12.1g
Retro thruster accel 5g
Gun mountings 3
Missiles 1
Crew 5
Hyperdrive ranges Class 2:3.00
Class 3:6.75
Class 4:12.00
Class 5:18.75
Class 6:27.00
Standard drive Class 4
Fuel scoop yes


Notable Features

Has it's own fanclub.


Starting with the Tiger Trader, all freighters need to be equipped with at least one shield generator even if you do nothing but completely harmless Milkruns. This is because due to the bulk of the fuselage, the ship will bump into space stations' gates when docking. Without shield generator, you suffer hull damage.


Nothing of a fighter, but a natural step up the ladder if you pursue a fulltime trading career.