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The Traders Almanach is supposed to be based on the personal notes of the seasoned and experienced trader Commander James "Mercury" Kilbery. This guy has seen all the systems in the eight galaxies, including Oresrati in the remote seven o'clock corner of galaxy sector eight - at least that is a common rumor about this person. Commander Kilbery can not be queried on the correctness of the above mentioned statements as he is supposed to be lost in witchspace.

Memory sticks with more or less complete variations of The Traders Almanach can be found on almost every trading ship on the universe. This is one of the reasons why there are sometimes odd breaks in the writing styles - many people have edited their own version of the Almanach, changing entries on piracy, adding sightseeing experiences or their own notes on milk runs. Various versions of the Almanach are unique like fingerprints, and there is a whole department in the Ceesxe Economy Research Center dedicated to track down the evolution of various different sub-trees and variants.

The library book OXP version covers some 90-odd systems in the first galaxy only.



When cash matters more than cargo capacity, I give you this advice: You can't make a mistake with buying Lavese bacons here. You've got the choice to move them to Zaonce with a good plus of 80 to 90%, with Leesti being the second choice in destinations and Orerve last. Of lately, there have been piracy reports from Orerve.

Ahh, good old Lave, starting point for the ambitions spacer! I still remember my first launch in my good old Cobra...

(Excerpt from: The Traders Almanach entry for 1:7)


If every Credit counts, try this: Best would be to buy bargain TV dinners or barrels containing the famous wine from the sloping hills of Diso and transport them to Leesti. This trip could bring you 105 to 115% on average. In addition, those TV dinners can also be sold well enough in Uszaa or Orerve. For bounty and glory try Uszaa and Orerve, where illegal activities have been reported.
(Excerpt from: The Traders Almanach entry for 1:147)


If you can spend some cash, try this: Best would be to buy memory chips or hand-made Digebitian sculptures and move them to Geerra. I once sold 25 tons of the memory chips in Geerra, and reaped a profit of 560 Credits. On another thought, the memory chips can also be sold well enough in Anxebiza.
(Excerpt from: The Traders Almanach entry for 1:96)


  • You can download a copy for your ship's library here - unzip & bung it in your AddOns folder (not the OXZ ManagedAddOns folder!). By Zireael (2014). BB Discussion here.
  • Note that Sori is renamed to Ascension by Famous Planets OXP, which is inconsistent with the Almanach.