Sirius Corporation

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The Sirius Corporation has fixed its place in history through becoming the first corporation to truly own a solar system.


The Sirius Coporation, or Sirius Corp, formed in 2350. Utilising the vast amounts of cheap energy available on Lucifer, it was able to synthesize custom elements, including military grade fuel.

The First Interstellar War

When the first interstellar war broke out, both sides requires significant amounts of the rare and dangerous military fuel. In those early days, supplies were limited and both militaries were forced to look to the private sector. Sirius Corp sold its cheap fuel to both sides.

Playing both sides prolonged the war and the resulting casualties. This legend of notoriety continues to this day and many humanitarian groups continue to lobby to have Sirius Corp disbanded.

Current Day

Many pilots of high elite rating have been offered contracts to 'retire' many of the board members of Sirius Corp. Although it has low popularity and rumours of illegal operations, it is still the cheapest supplier of military fuel and thus both the Federation and Empire turn a blind eyes to its underhanded dealings.