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Targeted at the fans of Racing, LightSpeed! covers the activities of the leading racers, as well as developments in the vehicles - changes in design and engineering etc. The various vehicles (light and heavy dragsters, marathon racers, dodge derby racers etc) are compared in best-buy columns, and there is coverage of developments in the Galactic Racing Federation (GRF).

See Racers. And the Dicky-Bow Run. Or read Snakecharming by Daddyhoggy in the Alien Items anthology here.



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Intergalactic Gossip

Spectacular news items, not rarely half made up. Sensationalist articles and anti-authority opinions. Objective or reliable are not keywords to use when searching for their GalNET-location.

Makes for great trumble food and comes in handy when your sanitary unit is clogged. Planet-dwellers love it though, and will expect to find it in a spacer's library, when they travel off-planet.

See their interview with Captain Curruthers: Mission One - FAQ

For some snippets see



a discriminating guide to space faring

An élitist magazine aimed at the wealthy space travelling connoisseur, usually featuring articles about saving money, interviews with galactic celebrity entrepreneurs, and pleasant descriptions of universe's finer things.

Curiously, the staff of all-star journalists employed by this publication have a tendency to circumvent their editors, maintaining that their level of work is far beyond the need to submit material for error inspection.

Its elaborate and expensive print material makes this a useless aid if the sanitation unit should get clogged.

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