Moray Starboat (Frontier)

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Moray Starboat
Maximum gross mass 17t
Empty mass 87t
Payload 70t
Main thruster accel 14.1g
Retro thruster accel 6g
Gun mountings 1
Missiles 4
Crew 1
Hyperdrive ranges Class 1:3.44
Class 2:13.79
Class 3:31.03
Standard drive Class 2
Fuel scoop yes


As its name suggests, the Moray Starboat is derived from a sea faring vessel. Developed initially as a submarine flyingboat, Marine Trench Co. soon saw the possibilities for extending their operations into space and the Moray SFB became the "Star Boat" after its ingenious adaptations were completed. Aquatic space-faring races are the main users of this multi-purpose vessel, whose hull is able to withstand the pressures of depths of up to 5500 fathoms It is a midsized, one man starship, with a size similar to that of a Cobra Mk I

Notable Features

The Moray Starboat looks like an upside down pyramid, with one side having a longer slope than the other. Despite its innocent appearance however, it can pack a punch, if it has been turned into an Iron Ass


The Moray Starboat is an ageing design, only still popular due to its simplicity. For a ship of its class, the Moray's engines are relatively underpowered, making fleeing from combat very difficult and traversing solar systems slow


A nice vessel to try out for awhile and of a size able to defend itself. Pilots will begin to get bored with its limitations and size and move up to the infamous Cobra Mk 3