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Maximum gross mass 65t
Empty mass 300t
Payload 235t
Main thruster accel 5g
Retro thruster accel 3g
Gun mountings 3
Missiles 8
Crew 4
Hyperdrive ranges Class 2:4.00
Class 3:9.00
Class 4:16.00
Class 5:25.00
Standard drive Class 3
Fuel scoop yes


Designed by the Gupta Industrial Corporation the Lion is a particularly bad small medium sized trading vessel. The 5g main thruster is incredibly weak and the large flat surface area makes the Lion incredibly vulnerable to a attack.

Notable Features

For a ship that looks the part, the Lion is remarkably good.


The Lion is slow, underarmed, underpowered, underranged and lacks a bottom turret. Also in FE2, firing the top turret can damage the ship. Its cross section from any angle is large and easy to score a hit on. When an assassination target is flying a Lion, the assassin has a very easy time on his hands.


Great ship - As long as it's your assassination target.