Imperial Trader

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Imperial Trader
Maximum gross mass 175t
Empty mass 700t
Payload 525t
Main thruster accel 9g
Retro thruster accel 4g
Gun mountings 1
Missiles 6
Crew 6
Hyperdrive ranges Class 3:3.85
Class 4:6.85
Class 5:10.71
Class 6:15.42
Class 7:21.00
Standard drive Class 6
Fuel scoop no


Designed along the same vein as the Imperial Courier, in the Imperial Navy's Battle Line, the Imperial "Trader" is a troop transport/boarding vessel. In civilian life, it does however commonly fulfill the role it's name belies.

Notable features

Put plainly and simply, the Imperial Trader looks the business. When you're scuttling between hyperspace egress and the space station in a lawless system, the one thing you don't want to happen is for the battle alarm to sound and a white marker to appear on your scanner. When it does, the moment your screens pick out this beauty amongst the stars you know the terrifying sight of a plasma accelerator's beam is only moments away. Almost certain destruction is only seconds after that...


People venture into space for all sorts of reasons - to live the life they want to live, to make money, impress women, explore the galaxy etc etc. This ship will enable you to do all of these things. Get one as soon as you can.