Harris Fighter

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Harris Fighter
Maximum gross mass 111t
Empty mass 28t
Payload 83t
Main thruster accel 21.1g
Retro thruster accel 9g
Gun mountings 2
Missiles 2
Crew 3
Hyperdrive ranges Class 2:10.81
Class 3:24.32
Class 4:43.24
Standard drive Class 2
Fuel scoop yes


The Perez Corporation advertised this as a leading edge combat ship, and they certainly delivered the goods, even if with a minor quibble or two. It's hard to find better in the role for which they were designed, and it is consequently a popular seller and excellent keeper. These are often seen in formations of three, and are a dangerous opponent if well outfitted and commanded.

Notable Features

Harris is a tough and largish fighter, with decent enough acceleration and handling to be a very tough opponent in a dogfight. The distinctive and elegant X-wing shape belies the thick hull, allowing it to absorb a good deal of punishment whilst the nippy acceleration allows it to outpace most of it's potential adversaries (with the notable exception of the Asp.


The Harris is not the ideal ship, however, being slow through hyperspace (rendering it questionable for courier / assassinations) - though this can be remedied by fitting a Mil Drive Class 3. And then it has only two missile mounts. It is also slightly too small to be a proper multi-role ship on the terms of, for example, the Imperial Courier. Pick a role and stick to it. Three crew also seems overkill for a ship of this size. These are, though, minor quibbles.


A nice ship, perhaps lacking the "edge" to be truly great, the Harris is still an excellent choice for the combateer with size, toughness and manoeuvrability. For straight-up bounty hunting or a Military Career, there are few finer.