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Maximum gross mass 25t
Empty mass 134t
Payload 109t
Main thruster accel 21.1g
Retro thruster accel 8g
Gun mountings 2
Missiles 4
Crew 2
Hyperdrive ranges Class 2:8.95
Class 3:20.14
Class 4:35.82
Standard drive Class 3
Fuel scoop yes


Similar to an ASP Explorer but has 4 Missile pylons instead of 1.

Notable Features

There really is nothing that makes the Harrier stand out from its rivals. It has good acceleration and manoeuvrability and, provided a small jump drive is installed, a reasonable amount of cargo space.


As with many ships of this ilk, it doesn't do a particularly great job in any field. It should be thought of as a stepping stone to greater things.


A viable alternative to the Asp Explorer. Slightly less extreme thrusters and slightly smaller payload, and so on.