Gecko (Frontier)

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Maximum gross mass 11t
Empty mass 45t
Payload 34t
Main thruster accel 6g
Retro thruster accel 9g
Gun mountings 2
Missiles 1
Crew 1
Hyperdrive ranges Class 1:6.66
Class 2:26.66
Class 3:60.00
Standard drive Class 2
Fuel scoop no


The Gecko is a somewhat mediocre ship from the that it is beginning to show its age. It is pretty cramped unless you invest in a military drive. Traders are unlikely to run into a Gecko in the core systems, but the area around Lave is a sure bet.

Notable Features

Pretty much uniquely amongst space-going craft, the Gecko has a retro thruster stronger than its main thruster, making for some interesting combat situations. There are a huge number of variants on the basic Gecko design, due to the theft of the design specifications back in the 29th century.


As noted above, the designers of the Gecko managed to put a main thruster into the ship which was weaker than the retro thruster. Whilst this is fine whenever an emergency stop is required - such as making a mess of docking - it does render the craft somewhat vulnerable in combat.


The Gecko is a fairly good fairly maneuverable ship, but has nothing that jumps out at you.