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A small booklet supplied with the Frontier: Elite II game. It features touristic highlights and additional background information on several interesting systems.


This gazetteer of selected worlds has been compiled for Faulcon de Lacy by Darlitz, the makers of the well known pocket holiday guides. The principle contributor was our correspondent David Massey whose tireless travelling made it possible for so many planets to be described. Such was the tight schedule for writing this gazetteer his three assistants, Kathy Dickinson, David Braben and Ian Bell were called upon to contribute some of its contents. It serves as a brief introduction for the avid traveller or a source of dreams for the sedentary explorer. The Sol System is described first because of its historical importance along with the System of Achenar. Both have headquarters of the main players in the competition for galactic rule, the Federation and the Empire. To aid the reader, we have included a brief history of the early part of mankind's quest.

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