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Ackedze (ack037)




Ackedze was first charted by interstellar probes back in the 25th century. The Empire then briefly claimed sole mining rights to the system, but didn't construct any ore extraction facilities due to other commitments; so, after 100 years of inactivity, they decided to waive their rights to the system. A few interstellar mining companies and prospectors inhabited the system afterward, for intermittent periods, extracting minerals and gemstones and selling them in neighbouring systems.

It was only during the mid 32nd century that settlers decided to call the system their home. They were a group of fifty former slaves, who had taken command of the ship that was transporting them from Arayess(4,-7) to the Imperial system of Canfati(2,-9). After overpowering the crew, they decided to set up two towns in the Ackedze system: O'Connorsport and Camp O'Hanlon, named after two leaders of the group. A few decades later, before GalCop disintegrated, they applied for two permanent Starports to be constructed. They requested these bases for two reasons: firstly, so that the townsfolk could sell their wares to interstellar traders and bring much needed supplies and credits into the system; secondly, to provide the denizens with an effective, armed police force to protect them from numerous pirate bands who also inhabited, and continue to inhabit, the system.

Despite having a functioning government for nearly one hundred years, Ackedze is still highly anarchic. Most of the system remains under the dominion of various groups of people, both criminal and non. This is due to the inability of the police to enforce the rule of law throughout the system.

The government is officially acknowledged by the Federation and Alliance of Independent Systems, however the Republic of Ackedze is not recognised by, amongst others, the Empire of Achenar, the ZITCO corporation, or The Corporation, as it fails to qualify for their standard of government.



71.59 from Sol; 37.00 from Achenar; 106.49 from Alioth.

Galactic coordinates

0.9, -9.2


Total system mass: 293,667.57 Earth Masses

Main star as a percent of the total system mass: 99.72 percent

Number of major bodies: 20

Types of major bodies: Type 'G' yellow star: 1; Large gas giant: 3; Medium gas giant: 1; World with methane system and corrosive atmospere: 2; Rocky world with thick corrosive atmosphere: 1; Rocky planet with thin atmosphere: 4; Barren rocky planetoid: 5; Small barren sphere of rock: 2; Asteroidal body: 1.

Size - comparative

The Federal colony of Zeessze(0,3)

Stellar-space claims

Heliosphere: 98 AU's from the Ackedze star.

Zone of control: 0.1 AU from O'Connorsport, and 0.1 AU's from Camp O'Hanlon.

Climate of habitable or populated planets

Boston's Legacy: N/A

Scott Hollow: N/A

Major's Mine: N/A

Terrain of habitable or populated planets

Boston's Legacy: N/A

Scott Hollow: N/A

Major's Mine: N/A

Elevation extremes of habitable or populated planets

Boston's Legacy: N/A

Scott Hollow: N/A

Major's Mine: N/A

Relative gravity of habitable or populated planets

Boston's Legacy: 0.16 g

Scott Hollow: 0.30 g

Major's Mine: 0.51 g

Known natural resources

Copper, lead, zinc, silver, barite, gypsum, basilite.

Planet-surface use

Boston's Legacy: N/A

Scott Hollow: N/A

Major's Mine: N/A

Natural hazards

Meteor showers.

Environment - current issues

Concerns have been raised about the dumping of radioactive waste materials on Boston's Legacy (the innermost planet).



Registered total: 995

Estimated total: 2,000 (+/- 25%)

Age structure

0-14 years: 15.5% (male 79/female 75)

15-64 years: 46.5% (male 234/female 229)

65 years and over: 38.0% (male 177/female 201)

Median age

Total: 47.0 years male: 47.1 years female: 47.0 years

Population growth rate


Birth rate

18.68 births/1,000 population

Death rate

5.98 deaths/1,000 population

Net migration rate

0 migrant(s)/1,000 population

Sex ratio

At birth: 1.05 male(s)/female

Under 15 years: 1.05 male(s)/female

15 - 64 years: 1.03 male(s)/female

65 years and over: 0.88 male(s)/female

Total population: 1.01 male(s)/female

Infant mortality rate

Total: 1.67 deaths/1,000 live births

Male: 1.81 deaths/1,000 live births

Female: 1.53 deaths/1,000 live births

Life expectancy at birth

Total population: 88.09 years

Male: 85.19 years

Female: 91.15 years

Total fertility rate

3.40 children born/woman


Noun: Ackedzian(s)

Adjective: Ackedzish

Ethnic groups

Connaghtish 100%


Fillial Kerikos


Achilic, Spanglish


Definition: Age 14 and over can read and write

Total population: 100%

Male: 100%

Female: 100%


Official name

Conventional long form: The People's Republic of Ackedze

Conventional short form: Ackedze

Government type

Costitutional Republic


O'Connorsport, Major's Mine.

Administrative divisions

Major's Mine, Scott Hollow.


11 August 3156

National holidays

Freedom Day, 27 March; Independence Day, 11 August


11 August 3156

Legal system

Common laws based on both Beandcean and Iobetin law, supplmented by local customary laws.


Universal, 25 years of age.

Executive branch

Chief of state: Director Diarmid Murphy (since 16 August 3244)

note - the Director is both the chief of state and head of government.

Head of government: Director Diarmid Murphy (since 16 August 3244)

Cabinet: Cabinet appointed by the Head of Government

Election last held: 16 August 3244 (next to be held 16 August 3250)

Legislative branch

Unicameral People's Council (12 seats; members are elected by popular vote to serve six-year terms)

Elections: last held 16 August 3244 (next to be held 16 August 3250)

Election results: percent of vote - NA; seats - independents 12

Judicial branch

First Court.

Political parties and leaders


Political pressure groups and leaders


Interstellar organization participation

AMSED (Association of Micro States for Economic Development), Interpol, NAMIP (Non Alligned Movement for Interstellar Peace), SSGRS (South Side Group for Regional Security).

Flag description

Navy blue background, with a white arm grasping a white sword on top.


Economy - overview

As with many low population and pirate infested systems, Ackedze's economy is significantly limited in it's ability to grow via any means other than natural internal growth. The small population means that it is uneconomical to construct factories dedicated to producing specialised, hi-tech industrial goods and consumer goods; consequently, all of these need to be imported. Therefore, in order to avoid racking up a huge trade deficit, other goods need to be exported. Unfortunately Ackedze is limited to exporting low value minerals and small quantities of high value gems and precious metals. Both of these factors mean that Ackedze is trapped in the vicious circle that predominates throughout many small systems. The few number of goods that are manufactured locally, e.g. mining equipment, are nearly all sold domestically.

Looking further at the sources of revenue for the system, other than goods sold on the ZITCO stockmarket there are only two other sources of stable income for the system: firstly, a long standing trade agreement with the government of Iobeti to supply them with copper rich minerals, and synthetic-diamond tipped drill bits for their own mining industry; secondly, the send-home pay of a few hundred skilled Ackedzians who emigrated to work as technician-supervisors in the mines of neighbouring systems - where the pay is substantially higher than they can get for an equivalent job in Ackedze.

GDP: Cr. 97,810

GDP - real growth rate: 1%

GDP - per capita: Cr. 98

GDP - composition by sector: agriculture: N/A% industry: N/A% services: N/A%

Labor force


Labor force - by occupation

Agriculture: 0%

Industry: 88%

Services: 12%

Unemployment rate


Population below poverty line


Household income or consumption by percentage share

Lowest 10%: NA%

Highest 10%: NA%

Inflation rate (consumer prices): 1.2%


Revenues: Cr. 9,781

Expenditures: Cr. 8,998

Agriculture - products



Mining (iron, lead, zinc, silver, aluminium, barite), food products, brewing, machinery, chemicals.

Industrial production growth rate



Cr. 12,337

Exports - commodities

Metal ores, other minerals, machine-tools for drilling or boring or milling metal.

Exports - partners

Iobeti 37.7%, Beandce 17.4%, Ackanti 15.2%, Andlaeth 8.4%, Tiethla 4.8%


Cr. 11,346

Imports - commodities

Consumer goods, food, beverages, tobacco, machinery and parts, chemical products, various medicaments.

Imports - partners

Beandce 53.5%, Ackanti 14.3%, Edurce 10.3%, Canolol 8.5%, Iobeti 4.6%

Economic aid - recipient


Debt - external


Fiscal year

1 September - 31 August


Electricity - production

25 million kWh

Electricity - consumption

24.88 million kWh

Hydrogen - production

<1 STC/day

Note: STC - Standard Trading Crate

Hydrogen - consumption

<1 STC/day

Hydrogen - exports

<1 STC/day

Hydrogen - imports

<1 STC/day

Hydrogen - proved reserves


Uranium - production

<1 STC/day

Uranium - consumption

<1 STC/day

Uranium - exports

<1 STC/day

Uranium - imports

<1 STC/day

Uranium - proved reserves



Telephones - main lines in use


Telephones - mobile cellular


Telephone communication system

General assessment: can communicate galactically

Domestic: automatic digital network

Interstellar: System code - 2,244/1; interstellar direct dialling; satellite stations - 5 (Major's Mine - 4, Scott Hollow - 1)

Telephonic broadcast stations

Major's Mine: AM 1, FM 1, shortwave 0

Scott Hollow: AM 1, FM 1, shortwave 1

Telegraphic broadcast stations

2 (73 telegraphic channels are received via interstellarnet and distributed by cable and UHF)

Interstellar subspace communications network system code


Interstellar subspace communications network hosts


Interstellar subspace communications network users





Spaceports - with paved runway and shipyard facilities

Total: 2

Under 914 metres: 2

Spaceports - with unpaved runways and no shipyard facilities

Total: 16

Over 3,047 metres: 1

1,524 to 2,437 metres: 3

914 to 1,523 metres: 12




Note: Although there is a road network in the towns, there are no roads between towns; inter-city transport takes place by spacecraft.

Merchant spacemarine

Total: 2

Seaports and terminals




Ackedze has no standing military force.

Trans-stellar Issues

Disputes - interstellar


Illicit drugs

Although ZITCO classified nacotics are not illegal in the system, Ackedze is used as a transhipment point for cannabis, khat and helman derived substances from Andlaeth to Iobeti, Ackanti and Tiethla, and of Zaonce-produced synthetic drugs.

Weapons trading

As with the illicit drugs, ZITCO listed hand and battle weapons are not illegal in Ackedze, but the system is used as a transhipment point for small quantities of weapons moving to neighbouring systems: Canfati, Ackanti, Iobeti, Edurce and Andlaeth where such goods are illegal.

Human trafficking


Refugees and internally displaced persons




The FIA Galactic Factbook is based on the well known 'CIA World Factbook' (

The 'Interstellar subspace communications network' is the equivalent of an galactic wide internet and exists in the FFE official world as evidenced by the 'Frontier News' journal entry, number 0020, titled 'BULLETIN BOARD ABUSERS SENTENCED TO HARD LABOUR' by S.L.A.M, published May 3254.

Relative Gravity: The 'Relative Gravity' calculation is based on a very, very rough calculation using the relative densities and radii of planets from the Sol system. The figures are taken from the IBM World Book 2000 and then applied to their equivalent world types in FFE. The densities are expressed in either grams/cubic cm, or kilograms/litre, or tons/cubic metre, all three use the same ratio.

I performed the calculations on Mars, Venus and the Moon using their respective masses and radii, and then compared the results to their known relative gravities using data from the IBM World Book. The calculations provided fairly accurate results:

  • The figures from the IBM World Book:
    • Mars: 38%;
    • Venus: 88%; **the Moon 1/6 (or 16.6% recurring).
  • My own calculations:
    • Mars: 35.11%; **Venus 88.55%; **the Moon 16.11%

The densities for the different planet types in Frontier are as follows with the comparative planetary body in parenthesis:

  • Small Barren Rock and Barren Rocky Planetoid (the Moon): 3.27
  • Rocky Planet with thin Atmosphere (Mars): 3.65
  • World with Methane Weather System (Venus): 5.17
  • Planet with Oxygen Atmosphere (Earth): 5.45
  • Small Gas Giant (Uranus): 1.24
  • Medium Gas Giant (Saturn): 0.62
  • Large Gas Giant (Jupiter): 1.25

To calculate the relative gravity, i.e. relative to Earth's, of your chosen planet do the following:

  • 1) Calculate the total mass of the planet by multiplying its relative density (expressed in Earth masses) by the mass of Earth, 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 metric tons.
  • 2) Calculate the volume of the planet by multiplying the total mass of the planet by the applicable density.
  • 3) Next, use the formula for calculating the volume of a sphere in order to determine the radius of your planet:

Volume = (4 / 3) * (pi * (r ^ 3))

  • 4) Then multiply the radius of your planet by its relative density to calculate its Estimated Gravitational Pull (EGP).
  • 5) Finally, to compare the EGP of your planet to that of Earth, divide the EGP by Earth's, which is 35.237. This will give you a Relative Gravity figure which is expressed as a percentage.