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Docked in the Laiobe system, as seen in FFED3DAJ

FFED3D is the latest version of FFE. As the screenshot shows, the graphics are much enhanced, even when compared to GLFFE which itself was a huge step up from JJFFE.

This new version was originally worked on by DreamZzz in Russia but of late other coders have taken the program to a new level.

Two builds of FFED3D exist; one programmed by Ittiz, the other by AndyJ. Each adds its own flavour to FFE, whilst remaining true to the original game.

Download the Ittiz version from Space Sim Central This is a large download (around 430MB) but does include the infamous FFE bulletin board videos as well as all the new models and textures. Development on this version appears to have ended, however.

To experience the AndyJ version - which includes many configurable options including the Anistropic mod - download the file from Space Sim Central and copy it into the Ittiz install. This version remains in active development.