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A book for the Ship's Library OXP written by Oolite's last Lead Developer, Cim.

Between 2083730 and 2083768 Cooperative Standard Time, the experienced lobstoid pilot Commander Irina of the Tre Clan returned to Lerequ to fulfill her Third Obligation by discussing the political, economic, social and military aspects of Cooperative space with several young members of the clan considering a career in space, illustrated with a number of stories taken from her fifteen kiloday career as an independent pilot. Transcripts and recordings were taken of these addresses and conversations for the benefit of future clan members coming of age.


  • Introduction
  • You don't want to be there
  • The Prime Objective
  • The Seven Light-Year Itch
  • Friends and Enemies
  • The Elite


(From The Elite)

Have I ever met any Elite pilots myself? Just once. Two of them, though, that time – Ren Klaus, who'd gone back into bounty hunting after Klaus-Kline Labs folded, and Maricela Cedeño, who you'll recognise as the current president of the Elite Federation, though back then she was working as a contract mercenary. Now, you know my general opinion on the Elite Rankings. Too much reward for blowing up people on the say-so of a Tiquat parking meter. It's taken me sixteen years in realspace to get most of the way to Deadly, and if you only count the kills I had a real choice in making, I'd barely rate Competent. So, don't put too much weight on the rankings in general.

But, to get to Elite is something else. Even for a cold killer, it requires more persistence, luck and skill than most people have. These two, their ships were technological miracles. I've been around a bit, and with a few favours here and there the Carapace has some kit you can't buy in the shops, but these two ... Klaus's looked like an Asp, just about, but I got a look at the specs while we were going through battle plans, and the inside made an Asp look like a Krait. The other ... I've never seen a ship like it before or since - must have been a complete custom build. Size of a Boa, and it could run circles around a Sidewinder. Must have cost her millions.

This was at the end of the last big Thargoid incursion, when systems were falling to them across the Eight. They'd taken Isxees early on in the conflict, and were laying siege to Ramaan's Keep – you ever wonder why it's called the Keep? That's why. There was a big joint fleet under Cooperative command massed at Titequ, and I'd ended up there after escorting one of their supply convoys, which is a whole other story.

Now, you've got to remember this was a while ago. A lot of the kit people take for granted nowadays either didn't exist or couldn't be bought. No shield boosters except some early prototypes, fuel injectors worked but would burn an entire tank in a minute, and no hardheads. Well, almost no hardheads. If you check the dates, they went on general sale not long after the Battle of Isxees. The supply convoys had been bringing the parts in, secretly, to Titequ...


This is listed under Equipment in the in-game Expansions Manager. You will need the Ship's Library to read it (also listed under Equipment in the in-game Expansions Manager!).

It was originally called "Library Extracts" back in 2014


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