Constrictor (Frontier)

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Maximum gross mass 120t
Empty mass 30t
Payload 90t
Main thruster accel 22g
Retro thruster accel 10g
Gun mountings 1
Missiles 2
Crew 2
Hyperdrive ranges Class 2: 10.00

Class 3: 22.50
Class 4:40

Standard drive Class 2
Fuel scoop Yes


The Constrictor is either a small freighter pretending to be a fighter, or the poor man's Asp. Designed by the mysterious Organisation, this is a nippy mid-range ship with decent room for either substantial weaponry or a decent amount of cargo. On the plus side, it's fast enough to be adequate in either role. Pay your money and take your choice.

Notable features

Although the Constrictor of today a good 'bread and butter' spacecraft, and nothing particularly special, this was not always the case. The Constrictor was originally a military ship with new hull alloys and shield generators as a military prototype. The prototype was thrust into the limelight when it was stolen from the manufacturer's shipyard, and eventually destroyed by a mercenary. The mystery and subsequent cover-up surrounding the theft meant that when the Constrictor finally went on public sale, media interest was close resulting in strong sales.


  • 20-part story about the Constrictor by Simon Challands (active on our bulletin boards as Helvellyn from 2007-8 - and who had hoped to write an oxp for the Xeer shipyard).


She may be ugly, but has very good thrusters, and also good range if fitted with a Mil 3 Drive. Internal space is limited, so in Fighter configuration you will have to make do with few Shield Generators and basically no cargo space. A worthwhile ship in the right hands.