Cobra Mk 1 (Frontier)

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Cobra Mk I
Maximum gross mass 15t
Empty mass 75t
Payload 60t
Main thruster accel 16.1g
Retro thruster accel 6g
Gun mountings 2
Missiles 2
Crew 1
Hyperdrive ranges Class 1: 4.00
Class 2: 16.00
Class 3: 36.00
Standard drive Class 2
Fuel scoop yes


Let's face it, credits don't grow on trees. They have to be earned, although the definition of 'earned' varies throughout the Galaxy. Nevertheless, very few people have access to unlimited funds, or anything approaching it. For those people the Cobra Mk 1 was designed. Even its name gives the game away; it's the cheaper, less-desirable version of the incomparable Cobra Mk 3, so to turn up in one of these at Abraham Lincoln or Duval City basically announces to everyone that you're a bit pushed for cash at the moment. Or permanently. Harsh, but true. Why? Because if you could afford a Mk 3, you'd buy one.

Notable Features

Giving credit where credit's due, the Mk 1 generally available in shipyards throughout the Core Systems is not a bad little ship, especially at the prices some of them go for. A decent 16g of main thrust gives you good speed and acceleration and there's a reasonable amount of cargo space if you've got trading in mind. The standard Class 2 hyperdrive gets you between systems at a good clip too.


The main thing to watch out for is that you're not suckered into buying one of the early models, which don't benefit from the vastly improved plastiglass hull. This critical improvement gave the ship the toughness to survive the rigours of space and its remarkable lightness gives the thrusters far less work to do. If you're buying a Cobra Mk 1 in an outlying system, make absolutely sure you buy the newer version. The old one is fit only for flying into stars.


With the provisos above, the Cobra Mk 1 can give you many a happy space hour. Remember though, it's only a stepping stone towards the Mk 3 and when you get there, you'll understand why.