Chronicles of the Milky Way

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Chronicles of the Milky Way (3307 Edition)


This is the latest version of the chronicles, which was first published back in 3241. The intention of the chronicles was to educate some of the ignorant local schoolchildren of Indaol in the broad history of the galaxy.

The chronicles are primarily about important political events, technological breakthroughs and space exploration, although some other less significant events are included.

The Twentieth Century

1926 Robert Goddard launches the first liquid propellant rocket. [15.1]

1930 Clyde Tombaugh gets a photographic confirmation of the existence of Pluto, the final planet in Sol(0,0) to be identified. [15.2]

1947 A new invention, the transistor chip, marks the beginning of the electronics era. [15.1]

1949 A US built two-stage rocket reaches a record four hundred kilometers altitude. [15.1]

1956 The first peaceful use of nuclear fission power at Calder Hill, England. [15.1]

1957 The first artificial satellite, Sputnik, is put into orbit around the Earth by the USSR. [15.1]

1959 Luna 2 (a USSR project) is the first probe to land on a stellar object, the Moon. [15.1]

1961 The first man, Yuri Gagarin of the USSR, is sent into space. [15.1]

1969 US astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are the first men to land on an extraplanetary body. [15.1]

1971 The USSRs Salyut 1 is the first ever orbital space station. [15.1]

1981 The first reusable space craft, Columbia, is sent on its maiden voyage by the US. [15.1]

1990s First serious environmental problems on Earth, controlled nuclear fusion. [1]

The Twenty First Century

2000s First (minor) armed conflict between a country and a "multi-national" corporation. [1]

2010s First serious population problems on Earth. The first commercial low-orbit space flights. [1][3.3]

2010s Using new and advanced orbital telescopes, astronomers begin to discover 'exoplanets' in other solar systems. [3.3]

2020s First international environmental protection enforcement agency, first commercial space station. [1]

2030s Major energy crisis, fossil fuel restrictions, religious unrest, first baby born off Earth. [1]

2030s A planetary body is discovered outside of the Sol system in the nearby Alpha Centauri(0,0) system. It is called Eden. [3.1.5]

2038 Water is detected on the first planet outside the Sol system, on Eden, Alpha Centuari (0,0). [2]

2040 World War III. Huge technological advancements, huge loss of life due to war and pandemic, dreadful environmental damage. [1]

2042 The second plantery body discovered outside of the Sol system, is spotted in the nearby Alpha Centauri(0,0) system. It is called 2042 L1. [3.1.5]

2050s War gradually abandoned due to popular rebellions. One hundred years after fission power was first used commercially, the first fusion powerplanet is constructed. [1]

2060s Rebuilding. Dominance of corporations increased. [1]

2070s First man on Mars, first permanent Moon base. [1]

2071 The first gas giant to be discovered outside of the Sol system, is spotted in the nearby Alpha Centauri(0,0) system. It is called 2071 AC3. [3.1.5]

2080s Manned exploration of solar system, orbital cities around Earth, first interstellar probes launched. [1]

2090s First permanent Mars base, heavy industry on the Moon. [1]

2097 The "Mayflower 97" slower-than-light colony ship, is launched from orbit around Luna, Sol(0,0), bound for Tau Ceti(0,0). [14.2]

The Twenty Second Century

2100s Discovery of fossils on Mars, "hyperspace" discovered, humans throughout solar system. [1]

2110s Arrival of message from first interstellar probe to Alpha Centauri(0,0) system. The first pictures are taken of an extra-solar planet in the Lagrange point of the two main stars. [1]

2120s Presence of life on Tau Ceti 3 (aka Taylor Colony), Tau Ceti(0,0) detected, first armed conflict in space over rights in the asteroid belt. [1]

2130s Hyperspace capable probes sent to all nearby systems. [1]

2140s Manned space craft sent to Tau Ceti(0,0). [1]

2150s Colony established on Tau Ceti 3 (aka Taylor Colony), Tau Ceti(0,0). Major corporations sending first private colony ships. [1]

2153 The Comprehensive Star Survey is published. [1]

2160s The race for the stars. Enormous production effort to produce colony ships, and mass exodus started. [1]

2170s First attempt to terra-form Mars started. [1]

2180s Life on Delta Pavonis(-1,-2) discovered and made extinct in same year from bacteriological infection. [1]

2190s Discovery of life on Beta Hydri 4 (aka Homeland), Beta Hydri(-2,0) and Altair 5 (aka Biggs Colony), Altair(-2,1). Human colonials spreading out of control. [1]

The Twenty Third Century

2200s Earth environmental recovery program started, terraforming of Mars abandoned. [1]

2202 The 'Independent Systems All-Race Board' declares its 'Basic Rights Agreement', outlining the basic rights of all human and andro-human populations. [14.3]

2207 The revolutionary Dodo space station is produced. Prior to this, all space stations were constructed along lines similar to the old International Space Station of modules connected end to end. [3.1.2]

2220s Extinctions on Tau Ceti 3 (aka Taylor Colony), Tau Ceti(0,0) increasing. Earth threatens to send a police force if nothing is done about it. [1]

2230s Ultimatum sent to Tau Ceti(0,0) ignored. [1]

2240s First interstellar battle, formation of the Federation. Its founder members are Sol(0,0), Tau Ceti(0,0), Delta Pavonis(-1,-2), Altair(-2,1) and Beta Hydri(0,-2). [1]

2260s Spread of Federation influence. [1]

2270s Second attempt to terra-form Mars started. [1]

2280s Discovery of first non-human relic in space. Origin still unknown in 3200. [1]

2286 Mars is the first planet to be succesfully terraformed. This marks a new epoch in the history of mankind. [2]

2290 First man "outside" on Mars (ie breathing unaided) on completion of terraforming. [1]

The Twenty Fourth Century

2302 Remaining indigenous life on Tau Ceti 3 (aka Taylor Colony), Tau Ceti(0,0) preserved in special enclosures. [1] [14.1]

2300s Marlin Duval (a harsh critic of the Federation) founds a new colony at Achenar(1,-4), supposedly with the intention of a peaceful and decentralised form of governance. [4.1]

2304 Human settlers arrive at Arcturus 3 (aka Discovery), Arcturus(-2,0). [2]

2310s Rumours abound of the elimination of a reputedly sentient race on Achenar 6d (aka Capitol), Achenar(1,-4) by private colonists causes outrage in the Federation. Achenar refuses to the introduction of slavery. A state of stable anarchy has remained since. [7.1]

2314 It is confirmed that Henson Duval (the new Emperor of Achenar) sterilised Achenar 6d (aka Capitol), Achenar(1,-4) in preparation for terraforming, killing an existing sentient race. After learning of this act of genocide, the Federation threatened war if this ever occured again [4.1]

2320s Federation sends war fleet to Achenar(1-4). Resulting enormous space battle won by Achenar. [1]

2329 Scott, 61 Cygni(-1,1) terraformed as an agricultural world. [2]

2330s Spread of the Empire from Achenar(1-4) to the surrounding worlds. There is war between Empire and Federation. [1]

2330s The first Space Dredgers are built as a means of providing heavy industrial capability on the front lines of the war. [7.5]

2340s Continuing battles between Federation and Empire. [1]

2350 Sirius Corporation(1,0) founded, and grew rich supplying the war fleets with Military Fuel. [1][2]

2370s The first mass-produced hyperdrives are developed. Beforehand any spacecraft with a hyperdrive was too expensive for anyone but the largest corporations and governments to own. Many new businesses arise providing affordable interstellar transport to colonists, travellers and traders etc. [7.2.1]

2382 A peace treaty is signed between Emperor Harlan Duval (son of Henson Duval) of the Achenarian Empire and the Federation. [4.1], [1]

The Twenty Fifth Century

2400 Galactic Cooperative of Worlds is formed as an arbitrating body to maintain the peace between the Federation and Empire as well as the independent systems. It is given a very large budget through equal contributions from the Federation and Empire as well as contributions from other multi-world political entities. This budget is used primarily to produce adequate police forces and a well-armed Navy which would come to the aid of any system threatened with invasion by another system. An era of peace begins to settle over the populated galaxy, though there is still much tension between the Federation and Empire. [7.5]

2408 Scott, 61 Cygni(-1,1) colony abandoned due to disease epidemic. [2]

2452 Kohl Base, Groombridge 34(0,2) is established. [12]

2480 The Van Maanens(0,1) system is given to the 'Guardians of the Free Spirit' by the Federation [2]

2495 Human settlers first arrive in the Phekda(2,5) system. [7.1]

The Twenty Sixth Century

2500s Declining political relations prompt the Far Colonies (or Old Worlds, as the inhabitants of the area have christened their sector of space) to declare independence from the Galactic Empire. Ties with the Galactic Federation and the Duval Empire are officially severed. Far Colonies ships and personnel are declared persona non-grata and open hostilities greet any trespassers. Far Colony navigation systems are set not to show any worlds of either Federation of Empire on star charts, and all relevant locations are locked out of hyperdrive guidance systems. [10.1]

2500s Mining corporations begin to colonise Veliaze(-2,3). [7.1]

2503 Terraforming began on Experiment, Phekda(2,5). [7.1]

2545 Discovery of stable wormhole leading to what is thought to be another galaxy. The next five years see the discovery of a network of stable wormholes joining a total of eight galaxies together. [10.1]

2573 The first colonisation fleets are dispatched to survey and populate the newly found galaxies. [10.1]

2589 Astronomical study reveals that the galaxies are, in fact, located in our own galaxy, spread across three different spiral arms, including the Perseus Arm. The name ‘galaxies’ sticks, however.[10.1]

The Twenty Seventh Century

2617 The failed 'Quaterson Revolution' on Argent's Claim (aka Gordonworld), Alioth(0,4). Quentin Devisises leads a coup to try and establish Argent's Claim (then known as `Fruitcake'), Alioth(0,4) as a local capital of free traders, but is ruthlessly suppressed by a rare combined naval action of Federation and Empire navies. [1]

2620 - 2633 Phekda is ruled by a the totalitarian dictator Johan Adams of the Phekda National Front. [7.1]

2627 First manufacture of IGH unit, allowing creation of a hyperspace branch to the stable wormhole from any area of the currently occupied galaxy. The IGH unit is too large to fit to small vessels, and is only fitted to larger colonisation and exploration vessels. [10.1]

2633 - 2640 The most destructive civil war in human history breaks out in the Phekda(2,5) system. The conflict leads to the collpase of the systems population from around five billion to around four million. Estimates of the total number of casualties from the conflict vary, but the generally accepted number is one billion. After the conflict finishes, the system is left in a state of relative anarchy. [7.1]

2641 After being abandoned over 200 years ago, Scott, 61 Cygni(-1,1) is resettled as tourist planet.[2]

2650 TerraCorp founded on Earth and specialized in producing various manufactured goods used in the frontier expansions. [7.5]

2663 Xexor Industries successfully test the first IGH unit small enough to fit on any hyperspace capable vessel. Despite the extortionate cost and mediocre safety margin of the unit, Xexor Industries receive over a hundred thousand advance orders in the week following the announcement of the test’s success. [10.1]

2671 Turner's Wold (aka New California), Alioth(0,4) is successfully terraformed. [3.1.4][1]

2696 Conversion (formerly known as '6c'), Achnenar (1,-4) is successfully terraformed. [2]

2696 Passing of Galactic Co-operative of Worlds Ammeding Treaty. The Far Colonies become part of the Galactic Co-operative Of Worlds. This treaty is initially designed to hold jurisdiction over activities within the spacelanes of the eight galactic sectors, but will have no rule over the individual member worlds. [10.1]

The Twenty Eighth Century

2700 Python class star cruiser is produced by Whatt and Pritney Ship Construct of Inera. [7.5] [19]

2715 The Galactic Cooperative (GalCop) Trading System is proposed. The new system '..envisages distinctive roles for intra-system and inter-system traders..'. It has 'The intention is to prevent the inter-system trader being caught up unnecessarily in the socio-economic details of a system.' [9]

2721 After much wranging over the numerous clauses, sub-articles and other minutae, the GalCop Trading System is esablished by GalCop. [3.1.3]

2752 The first Coriolis class space station (developed by the Galactic and Astronautic Exploration Center, GALEC, on the planet Vetitice) is put into orbit around Lave(-3,-6) [5][19]. Each Coriolis station has a diameter of 1 standard kilometre. They can berth 2,000 ships, and support a fair-sized colonial life development of humanoids [19].

2762 Viper class heavy fighter is produced by Faulcon Manspace of Reorte(-3,-5) and becomes the standard GalCop Police ship. The design is sent to all shipyards on medium to high technology worlds for immediate mass production. [7.5] [19]

2770s Ayanex(-2,5) is colonised [7.1]

2775 Burt Hackrington-Smythe makes the series of documentaries "Heaven Under the Ice", that explore the underwater ecosystem of the ice world of Merlin, Ross 154(-1,0). [1]

2780s Settlers arrive in Hoenin(-1,5) for the first time. Prince Joreb Duval, nicknamed Caligula, of the Imperial dynasty is the self styled dictator of the system for its early years, but is overthrown in a coup d'etat and replaced by a democratic government. [7.1]

2780s Davies Village, Inena(3,-6) is established. [7.3]

2786 Faceze(-1,5) colonized by the Federation. [7.1]

2796 Faceze(-1,5) declares independenceby from the Federation. [7.1]

The Twenty Ninth Century

2800s Alioth(0,4) is properly colonised. [7.1] [3.1.4]

2800s New Africa, Veliaze(-2,3) is terraformed by the local mining corporations. [7.1]

2817 The Galactic Survey is undertaken. This monumental achievement mapped the circa 100 thousand million stars in the galaxy. [6.1]

2845 Kroweki & Carr's ‘PsychoHistory and Economic Theory in the GalFederation’ published. [10.1]

2849 First contact with Thargoid vessels. Intermittent contact with lone vessels becomes common through the following year. GalCop Federal Law Centres record a great many attacks on these strange octagonal ships, on occasion with no provocation from the Thargoid party. Victories against the alien vessels are few. [10.1]

2850s Civil war on New Africa, Veliaze(-2,3) over workers rights and the introduction of slavery A state of stable anarchy has remained since. [7.1]

2850 New World (formerly known as '6b'), Achenar(1,-4) is terraformed due to population explosion in the system. [2]

2850 Space Dredger TerraCorp One suffers a drive coil failure during a hyperspace transit and disappears from known space. [7.5]

2850 A Thargoid vessel is captured by GalCop. A team headed by Dr. Quirahn Falayn, a native of Diso, studies the power system of the ship with the intention of developing a high-power energy weapon. [21]

2851 First recorded Thargoid invasion of a system. War is declared, and the Galactic Navy is mobilised. [10.1]

2852 Gecko is produced by the Ace & Faber HullWorks of Lerelace. [7.5] [19]

2854 Dr. Quirahn Falayn fails to develop a new energy weapon system using the captured Thargoid vessel. Instead he develops a new power plant and fuel for it. The fuel is called Quirium. [21]

2855 Cobra Mk. I, produced by Paynou, Prosett, and Salem shipyards of Zaonce(-2,-6), introduces revolutionary Prosett drive which alters the course of ship engine design all over the known galaxy. [7.5] [19]

2856 Anaconda class freighter is produced by RimLiner Galactic of Barnard's Star(-1,0). It is hailed as the largest freighter class built to date and remains so until the late 3100's. [7.5] [19]

2856 Orbit Shuttle is produced by Saud-Kruger Astro Design of Achenar(1,-4). It steadily begins phasing out the old Transporter as the standard surface-to-orbit cargo and passenger carrier. [7.5] [19]

2870 - 2875 Thargoid war settles into a collection of war zones and frontiers. This situation would remain more or less unchanged in GalCop space for the next 300 years. [10.1]

2878 Asp Mk. II is produced by GalCop Shipworks, Eta Cassiopeia(0,2) and becomes the standard GalCop Navy patrol and combat craft. [7.5] [19]

2885 The BBS system is standardised throughout the galaxy, replacing a medley of other messaging systems. [18]

2891 Imperial forces fail to reclaim the Edethex(3,-3) system from the Federation, suffering huges losses at the hands of the new Federation ship, the ASP. [8.1]

2896 The Imperial Courier is launched by the Gutamaya Corporation (initially exclusive to the armed forces), and quickly becomes a favourite of the White Navy. [8.1]

2987 The First Ineran War.[19]

2987 Lance and Ferman test their prototype Lance & Ferman Homing Missiles (4x4). [19]

The Thirtieth Century

2900 After a series of peace talks, the Empire and Federation decide to form a special joint task force whose "official" purpose is research and development of spacecraft and space living technology. It is given the name Intergalactic Naval Reserve Arm, or INRA for short. [7.5] [11]

2900 The first reports of Thargoids in a core system: Lens Nikon, supervisor of the 'Planets Unlimited' Terra-formation Project of Molotov Village, New Africa, Veliaze(-2,3), spots a fleet of Thargons and a mother ship. [14.14][14.15]

2902 INRA start work on designs for a Space-Skip facility in an attempt to combat Wilbron's psychosis, discovered in the late 2800's. [11]

2913 The Space-Skip facility is complete and regulations are introduced to ensure it is fitted as standard on all ships. [11]

2914 Adder produced by illicit Outworld Workshop. Actually, the ship was an INRA design, but this information was considered Top Secret until 3290. [7.5] [19]

2950 - 3150 Major period of Imperial expansion. Following systems colonised: Anlaol(1,-6), Aymifa(2,-5), Candaess(-2,-4), Exioce(-1,-3), Olcanze(-1,3), [2]

2958 Cisco Corporation terraformed New California, Epsilon Eridani(1,0) into a theme park planet.[2]

2970s Terraforming at Between, Eta Cassiopeia(0,2) begins. [2] [1]

2982 Sidewinder scout ship designed by Faulcon deLacy Shipworks and produced by Spalder and Starblaze corporation of Eta Cassiopea(0,2) to satisfy GalCop Navy's need for a fast and maneuverable forward reconnaissance craft. The design immediately becomes very popular with space pirates. [7.5] [19]

2983 The Federation Naval Base is relocated from Anlave(0,3) to Eta Cassiopeia (0,2) [2]

2987 Prototype Lance & Ferman homing missile successfully tested during Ineran Wars. [10.1]

2990 Emperor Duval attempts to negotiate personal truce with Thargoids. Federation officials are also rumoured to be carrying out similar missions. [10.3]

The Thirty First Century

3000 A totalitarian dictatorship arises in Ayanex(-2,5). [7.1]

3015 The Inter-Species Translator developed by the INRA research wing. The translator allows all manner of scientists, politicians and military tacticians to gain a new understanding of the Thargoid species. [14.6]

3017 The first flare star system, YZ Canaris Minoris(2,0) is colonised by wealthy communists. [2]

3017 Boa class star cruiser produced by Gerege Federation Space Works, Gerege [7.5] [19]. The new ship is fiited out with newly designed equipment (such as the Renold Astrogation bloc) which has reduced the number of crew required to operate the ship to between 15 and 28. [19]

3027 Krait class fighter is produced by Faulcon deLacy Shipworks, ININES. [7.5] [19]

3028 Moray Star Boat is produced by Marine Trench Company Earth, Sol(0,0). [7.5] [19]

3050's The Imperial Courier replaces its old Hydrostatic pilot seats with new Revox anti-intertial dampener which encases the entire cabin, making space flight considerably more pleasant for the pilots. [8.3]

3050 First reported contact with the Thargoids in over fifty years ends in hostility. [7.5.1]

3051 The last reported case of Thargoids entering a human occupied solar system. [14.11]

3050 - 3055 The first Ayanex(-2,5) civil war. The existing totaliltarian government is toppled. [7.1]

3055 The Cemeiss(-2,-2) system is settled for the first time. [1]

3060 The ascetic-minded Church of KumByar establishes a new colony on Peter's Eden, Arexack(-1,-5). [3.1.4]

3072 The second Ayanex(-2,5) civil war, toppling the then corrupt government. [7.1]

3080 The Empire begins terraforming Cemeiss 2 (aka Emerald), Cemeiss(-2,-2) [1]

3088 The last Naval Imperial Courier (Mod 0) is produced. [8.2]

3089 Terraforming begins on Hopi, Ethwain(-3,5). [7.1]

3090 The third Ayanex(-2,5) civil war against the totaliltarian government, which resulted in a new constitution, ending the years of tyranny. [7.1]

3096 After nearly 300 years of anarchy, a civilian government is formed on Faceze(-1,5). [7.1]

3096 Colonisation begins in Sofagre(-2,5). [7.1]

3098 After 76 years in office, Governor Santori of Tau Ceti(0,0) is assassinated. Santori was also a member of the Federal Senate well known for his tax cutting policies. Additionally, he is, to date, the longest ever serving Governor of that system. [1]

The Thirty Second Century

3100 Cobra Mk. III is produced by Cowell & MgRrath Shipyards of Lave(-3,-6). [7.5] [19]

3100 Fer de Lance Lightspeeder is produced by Zorgon Patterson Group. It becomes a favorite with bounty hunters, but becomes outlawed in the late 3100's due to its overuse by pirates. [7.5] [19]

3100 The GalCop Navy manages to beat the Thargoid invasion back, a battle line is drawn, centered on sector 9,9. The Thargoids begin sending small reconaissance fleets behind the battle line and deep into Human territory to survey various systems for later conquest and to raid commercial shipping. [7.5]

3101 Worm class landing craft is produced by Sirius Corporation of Sol to provide a means for larger ships to off-load passengers and cargo without the need of an orbital station. [7.5] [19]

3101 Emerald, Cemiess(-2,-2) is terraformed and subsequently settled by Imperial colonists. [1]

3102 - 3136 War between the Empire and the Federation over territorial claims on Emerald, Cemeiss(-2,-2). The Federation force is led by Admiral O'Brien. [1]

3110 Mamba class fighter designed as a racing craft by the illicit Reorte Ship Federation. The design is standardized and mass produced by Radlett and Rayburn Shipyards of Reorte(-3,-5) and is later outlawed by the GalCop due to its lack of sufficient safety features. [7.5][10.3]

3115 Elite combateer Jason Ryder killed by pirate attack. [10.1]

3117 The Independent Science Council is established on Tecumseh, Miandin(-1,6). [7.1]

3122 Upgrades to hyperspace systems and shipboard computer controls are completed. Faraway jump system is no longer required, and the systems are retired. [10.1]

3124 Trantor House publish 'Jane's Galactic Ships and Remote Colonial Construction', 5th Edition. The publishing code is 3205. [10.1]

3125 Galactic Play Boy Zack Blackbeam spent some ten million Credits on HoloProjectors and meteorological control devices to stage a fake Coming of KumByar on Peter's Eden, Arexack(-1,-5). The practical joke resulted in the lynching of His Magnificence the Right Holy Ssord Rettu III which in turn caused a schism in the church, producing two opposing groups: the 'Flocculars' and the 'Anti-Flocculants'. The two groups have been engaged in a near-continuous civil war ever since. [3.1.4]

3130s A major advance in weapons technology is made as the first beam lasers are developed. [18]

3130 GalCop begins a programme of retrofitting some out of date space faring equipment to older vessels. At the same time, satellite and comms buoys are upgraded. [10.3]

3130 The users of the subdermal language translator reaches a new high. It is estimated that the translator is worn by around 98 percent of the galactic population. [17]

3130 Jannah Berihn is born in the Diso system. [20.4]

3134 Modern Galactic Mean Time is established. [10.3]

3136 Emerald Treaty signed between Empire and Federation, in which Emerald, Cemeiss(-2,-2) was declared an Imperial system. The signing of the treaty narrowly avoided an assault by an enormous Federal task force, and brought about the uneasy peace we have today. It is also why Cemiess is the only Imperial system in which slavery is illegal.[1]

3136 By the start of this year, records show that nearly all active space vessels have been upgraded. Modifications include higher resolution viewscreens and console displays, more efficient shied generators and energy units and enhanced comms systems, including HoloFac upgrades. [10.3]

3137 The separatist attacks on Lave, Lave(-3,-6) caused extensive damage to cities and countryside, and the environment suffered as a result. [10.2]

3145 The Imperial Courier (civilian version) is produced by the Gutamaya Corporation of Achenar(1,-4), by decree of Emperor Fournier in an attempt to combat 'Federal Savagery'. [7.5] [8.1]

3145 Alongside the Imperial Courier the Gutamaya Corporation create an improved Space-Skip facility named the 'Stardreamer'. [11]

3146 Production of the Stardreamer add-on "dream chip" begins, these are subsequently outlawed due to new cases of Wilbron's psychosis appearing. [11]

3147 The Imperial Trader is produced by the Gutamaya Corporation of Achenar(1,-4). [7.5]

3147 The Osprey attack fighter is produced by the Imperial Shipyards at Vequess. [7.5]

3149 GalCop suffers massive losses in Thargoid attacks. Negotiations are opened with the Galactic Federation and the Duval Empire for aid in the wars. The Federation and Empire are having increasing trouble with Thargoid incursions, but not with full-scale war zones such as GalCop has seen. [10.3]

3150 The Federation agree to aid GalCop and offer technology exchanges as a means to achieve the defeat of the Thargoids. Later the same year, the Empire extends a similar offer to the Federation deal. GalCop accept. [10.3]

3150 - 3160 Ethwain(-2,5) temporarily abandoned. [7.1]

3151 Thargoids defeated, presumed eradicated. Bioweapons are thought to have been used by the joint Federation and Empire organisation INRA. [10.1][14.5][14.7][14.8] [14.12]

3151 The Dream-Ware company from Alioth (0,4), is hired by INRA to produce safe DREAMS to combat the ever growing "dream chip" black market. The Dream-Ware name becomes synomonous with the dream chips and the Dream-Ware boom begins. [11]

3153 Commander Jannah Berihn, aged 23, earns the rank of Elite. [20.4]

3158 Terraforming begins on Olgrea E2 (aka New Gotham), Olgrea(-3,5) by the Olgrea Government. [7.1]

3162 GalCop’s economy begins to collapse. [10.3]

3164 During this year, the stable wormhole connecting Galaxy 1 to Galaxy 2 and thence to the rest of the seven Galaxies collapses. It is thought highly likely that the collapsing was engineered. Galaxy 1 stands alone. InterPol (formerly GalCop) is reduced from over 2,040 worlds to less than 200. The once great GalCop is a shadow of its former self and no longer a threat to either Federation or Empire. The Exile remains in force [10.3]. Before the collapse the number of GalCop citizens was around five thousand billion (or five trillion) [9].

3165 It is discovered that the alien races once indigenous to the Far Colonies region of space have gone. Those worlds that had human colony areas become human worlds as the colonies spread out. Those that did not now stand abandoned. It is surmised that they departed for Galaxy 2, somehow managing to find a method of travelling there. Humanity stands alone once more. [10.3]

3166 The Tiger class heavy trader is produced by the Core Industrial Corporation of Sol(0,0). [7.5]

3169 By now, GalCop has been further reduced by internal problems, political issues and pressures from the larger and more ruthless Federation and Empire. Many worlds leave GalCop and ally themselves with one of the other organisations. Some world governments decide to become independent. Some colonies leave their worlds and make for new homes within Federation or Imperial space. [10.3]

3170's Ethwain(-2,5) is resettled. [7.1]

3170 Since GalCop as a political entity no longer exists, both Federation and Empire lift the exile on GalCop worlds. A fine of 75,000 credits remains to be paid by any native of the 11 ‘Old Worlds’ centred on Lave who wishes to dock at a spaceport in either organisation. These eleven systems maintain tight relations, forming an unofficial trade and protection alliance - much like the original alliance that grew into GalCop. [10.3]

3171 Maximillian Weaver is born in Schuller's Landing on Lave(-3,-6) to tree farmers Robert and Marsha Weaver. [7.5]

3174 The Galactic Co-operative of Worlds president officially rescinds the GCW charter on the 19th August. The resources of the organisation (such as the Navy and Police forces) are auctioned to the Federation. [10.3]

3179 The Puma class clipper is produced by the Gupta Industrial Corporation of Alpha Centauri(0,0). [7.5]

3180 Settlers first arrive in Sohalia(-1,5). [7.1]

3180 Terraforming begins on Miandin 2 (aka Tecumseh), Miandin(-1,6). [7.1]

3182 The Lion class heavy trader is produced by the Gupta Industrial Corporation of Alpha Centauri. [7.5]

3183 Terraforming is completed on Miandin 2, Miandin(-1,6). The planet is also renamed to Tecumseh. [7.1]

3184 Indaol is settled by a group of hardline atheists called the 'Reprobates'. [3.2]

3185 The Panther class clipper is produced by the Gupta Industrial Corporation of Alpha Centauri(0,0). It is the largest privately-owned freighter ever produced to date and remains so until the release of the Quest class ship. [7.5]

3187 Advances in various ship based technologies are made which reduce the number of crew needed to operate the larger trading ships including the Anaconda Freighter, Boa Freighter and Python Freighter [3.1.6].

3185 Weaver re-designs the Sirius Corporation's MB3 Mining machine, making it even smaller and more efficient. He calls it the MB4 and earns an enormous amount of money by selling the design to the Dreyfuss Mining Company of Barnard's Star(-1,0). [7.5]

3186 The first industries are built in the Anayol(-2,5) system. [7.1]

3189 The Constrictor medium trader is produced by the Vega Line Corporation. [7.5]

3190 First Wiccan Ware Race; Jjagged Bbanner release their first DREAM. [11]

3190 Maximillian Weaver graduates from the Starpilot Academy with his pilot's license and departs his home planet for the first time in his life to seek his fortune. [7.5]

3191 Maximillian Weaver decides to join the INRA. He meets Ronald Dreyfuss, son of wealthy mining company executive on Boston Base, Barnard's Star(-1,0) and convinces him to join the crusade. [7.5]

3194 Maximillian Weaver leaves the INRA under suspicious circumstances. [7.5]

3195 The Eagle Long Range Fighter is produced by Faulcon deLacy shipyards, Reorte(-3,-5). [7.5]

3195 ZITCO updates the Galactic Map (used on interstellar ships) to include a number of recommended trade routes. [6.1]

3199 The Eagle Mk. II is produced by the Federal Military Shipyards at Eta Cassiopea(0,2). [7.5]

3199 The Eagle Mk. III is produced by the Gutamaya Corporation of Achenar(1,-4) a few months after the Mk. II is released, ultimately fixing problems caused by the Mk. II. [7.5]

3199 Ronald Dreyfuss inherits the Dreyfuss Mining Company due to his father's death. The company becomes Weaver-Dreyfuss Mining with Max Weaver and Ron Dreyfuss becoming co-owners. The company specializes in Frontier system mining and production of the MB4 mining machine, though they have licensed other corporations to produce the MB4 as well. [7.5]

The Thirty Third Century

3200 The last known Thargoid mothership is destroyed by INRA pilots in the Facece(0,-4) system. [14.14]

3201 Slaves of the Achenarian Empire have been allowed to join the army (but still not the navy) if they pass a loyalty test and swear an oath to serve the Empire. After 7 years field service they are then granted citizenship. [22.1]

3202 Settlers move to the Quenve(-1,6) system. [3.2]

3207 The Oviedo brothers arrive in the anarchic system of Indaol(-1,6) with the intention of creating a stable society, with a well educated and temperate population. Many new public buildings are constructed including: hospitals, schools and libraries. [3.2]

3219 The Tiercel class light freighter is produced by the Core Industrial Corporation of Sol(0,0). [7.5] 3219 Mark Jameson Pritchard is born in New York, Earth, Sol(0,0). [7.5]

3221 The President of the Federation, Matthew Edwardson, is forced from office after a corruption scandal reveals that a number of former Federation systems that had declared independence and become dictatorships, were then placed under a Federation Interdict for the sole reason that they had nationalised the assests of several major Federation Corporations. The use of the interdictions were a major political move by President Matthew Edwardson of the Federation in the late 3100s, which were intended to make a statement that theFederation would not tolerate dictatorships. [16]

3228 The Skeet class star cruiser is produced by Whatt and Pritney ShipConstruct of Inera. [7.5]

3228 - 3230 The 'Alioth Uprising'. The patience of the seven billion inhabitants of Alioth(0,4) collectively snapped, and aided by fighter pilots from neighbouring systems, a savage and concerted effort began to repel both Federation and Imperial forces. [7.1]

3229 Weaver, Baker, Dreyfuss, and Stone Mining Corporation formed as the result of a merger between Weaver-Dreyfuss Mining, Baker Technologies, and Stone Limited. [7.5]

3230 The 'Alioth Uprising' draws to a close. The system, which had been subjected to many battles between the Empire and Federation was freed in a massed insurrection against both sets of invaders. The Alliance of Independent Systems (AIS) is formed. Oltiqu is renamed Gateway as it joins the new Alliance. The 15 founder members are, Alioth(0,4), Arexex(-1,6), Ayanex(-2,5), Ayessqu(-1,5), Ethgreeth(-3,5), Ethwain(-3,5), Gateway(-1,4), Hoenin(-1,5), Lawacan(-1,6), Miandin(-1,6), Quenve(-1,6),Soholia(-1,5), Tisoze(-2,5), Titican(-2,5), Zeiocan(-1,5). [2] [7.1]

3230 Argent Amalgamated Aerodynamics (Inc.) is formed by Meredith Argent and Mic Turner and based on the newly-renamed world of Argent's Claim, Alioth(0,4). The company immediately announces its position as "The Official Alliance Shipbuilder." Construction begins on the soon-to-be-famous New Rossyth shipyards. [7.5]

3231 The AAAI's New Rossyth shipyards are completed. The new facility utilizes state-of-the-art technology and immediately begins producing its own ships. [7.5]

3231 The Harrier class medium fighter is produced by the Perez Corporation of UV Ceti. [7.5]

3231 Indaol(-1,6) is the 16th system to join the AIS. [7.1]

3232 Anayol(-2,5) is the 17th system to sign up to the AIS. [7.1]

3233 The AIS Treaty on Human Rights is passed. [7.1]

3234 The Gyr class medium fighter is produced by the Core Industrial Corporation of Sol. [7.5]

3235 The 'Wiccan Ware' race succumbs to violence as 15 competitors are killed within the vicinity of Alioth. [14.4]

3236 Alioth(0,4) system economy stabilizes due to business interests taking up residence on the system's three terraformed worlds. The New Rossyth Shipyards reach an incredible production record, which is unsurpassed by any other shipyard in the known galaxy. [7.5]

3236 James K. Winston is born in Newtown, Nirvana, Phekda. [7.5]

3237 The Mantis class transport is produced by the AAAI of Alioth. [7.5]

3237 The Harris class heavy fighter is produced by the Perez Corporation of UV Ceti. [7.5]

3237 The Wyvern class light explorer is produced by the AAAI of Alioth(0,4). [7.5]

3237 Mark Pritchard joins the Federal Military. [7.5]

3237 Faceze(-1,5) and Sofagre(-2,5) are the 18th and 19th systems to join the AIS. [7.1]

3239 The first outbreak of 'Soholian Fever' in the AIS system of the same name. Independent observers speculate that the Empire may have caused it by selling contaminated grain to Molotovworld. [14.4]

3240's The Federation marks a thousand years of continued existence by holding massive celebrations throughout all of its 48 systems. [3.1.4]

3240 The Lanner class heavy trader is produced by the Core Industrial Corporation of Sol(0,0). [7.5]

3241 The 20th system to join the AIS is Olgrea(-3,5). [7.1]

3242 The 'Wiccan Ware' race succumbs to violence again as 15 competitors are killed within the vicinity of Alioth. [14.4]

3244 Pritchard, after serving through the mandatory waiting period, is transfered from the Federal Army to the Navy with an Ensign's commission. [7.5]

3245 The Griffin Carrier is produced by the AAAI of Alioth(0,4). [7.5]

3247 Holiacan(-3,5) and Vequex(-1,5) are the 21st and 22nd systems to join the AIS. [7.1]

3247 The Lanner Mk. II heavy trader is produced by the Core Industrial Corporation of Sol(0,0). [7.5]

3247 The Merlin class medium fighter is produced by the Perez Corporation of UV Ceti. [7.5]

3247 The Spar class medium fighter is produced by the Perez Corporation of UV Ceti. [7.5]

3247 The "Incident at Delta Pavonis" in which Mark Pritchard is involved. An attempt at a show of force by the Federation though the performance of large-scale maneuvers close to Imperial space turns into one of the greatest military disasters to date. Thousands of lives are lost both by the Imperial and Federal armed forces and nobody is ever completely certain of which side fired the first shot. [7.5]

3247 Mark Pritchard officially resigns his commission from the Federal Navy and becomes a lone-wolf trader. [7.5]

3248 The Imperial Explorer is produced by Gutamaya Corporation of Achenar(1,-4). [7.5]

3248 The Viper Mk. II is produced by Faulcon deLacy of Inera. [7.5]

3249 The 23rd system to join the AIS is Ackwaze(-1,6). [7.1]

3250 The second outbreak of Soholian Fever in the AIS system of the same name. By the end of the series of outbreaks, the population had dropped to a third of its original size - mainly because people fled the system. This second major epidemic of the disease has brought the Soholian Fever death toll up to more than six million in this system. [7.1][14.13]

3250 Emperor Duval I orders that all civilian produced Imperial Couriers be downgraded. Some of the changes include fitting a standard plasma engine, and increased crew numbers. This decree was in response to the rising levels of piracy by Imperial Couriers. [8.1]

3250 The Osprey-X attack fighter is produced by the Gutamaya Corporation of Achenar(1,-4). [7.5]

3250 Maximillian Weaver, while living on Boston Base, Barnard's Star(-1,0), is saved by Mark Pritchard from an INRA assassination attempt. [7.5]

3250 Scientists at New Rossyth Shipyards, backed by WBD&S and the Sirius Corporation design and build the revolutionary Class 4 Military Drive. It is determined that the new engine is so powerful that it can only be installed in ships of Python size or larger. [7.5]

3250 Valhalla Liberation Army commander Dentara Rast is assassinated. [7.5]

3250 New Rossyth Shipyards secretly builds the Crimson Arrow. It is first new Python class star cruiser in over two hundred years and is outfitted with the new Class 4 Military Drive. The addition of this new drive, plus the use of some new lighter and more durable hull materials gives the new ship the designation Python Mk. II. The ship blasts its way out of its hidden orbital hangar to avoid destruction by a surprise attack by the INRA and then engages its experimental hyperdrive and disappears. [7.5]

3250 Mic Turner of AAAI fame completes his design of a brand new type of starship called the Quest class. New Rossyth Shipyards begin laying the groundwork for this new vessel. [7.5]

3250 V.I.P. Maximillian Weaver is declared officially missing. [7.5]

3251 Max Weaver returns to Alioth(0,4) in time to celebrate his 80th Birthday. [7.5]

3251 New Rossyth rebuilds prototype Class 4 Military Drive and mounts it on the prototype Quest class ship, the Turner's Quest. The Quest class starship is officially announced and becomes the largest privately owned vessel ever produced. [7.5]

3252 The second Quest class ship, named Argent's Quest is laid down at New Rossyth Shipyards. [7.5]

3252 Another INRA attack on a secret asteroid base in the Alioth(0,4) system results in the theft of a vaccine to the Mycoid Virus with which the Thargoids were infected in order to bring about a victory for Humankind over the Thargoid invasion. [7.5]

3253 An official peace between Independent Alliance and Thargoids is established when the captured vaccine to the INRA's mycoid virus is stolen from a secret INRA research base and delivered by the crew of the Argent's Quest to the Thargoid home system of Miacke(-6,5). [7.5]

3253 The first Thargoid warship ever to be flown by a human arrives in Alliance space. [7.5]

3255 Relations between Thargoids and Humanity become more amicable as both species begin exchanges of technological and cultural ideas. [7.5]

3255 James Winston pulls off a foolhardy assassination of one of Phekda's mafia at Boston Base, Barnard's Star(-1,0), starting his infamous bounty hunting career. [7.5]

3258 The Crimson Arrow, manned by most of her original crew, as well as a Federation and Thargoid scientist, sets out into deep space on a special reconnaissance mission. [7.5]

3260 The Empire and Federation are at war. [7.4]

3261 - 3262 Empire declares war on the Alliance and invades Veliaze(-2,3). [7.4]

3261 'The Veliaze Crisis'. Veliaze(-2,3) is invaded by the Empire and ends over 400 years of anarchy. A puppet government is left in charge. [7.1][7.5]

3261 Alliance Joint Navy established by Rafe Wilson in Gateway in response to the Veliaze Crisis. Twenty Five Long Range Cruisers are retrofitted as capital battleships. [7.4] [7.5]

3261 AJN's training academy, the Turner Space Combat Academy, is opened at Dublin Citadel, Gateway(-1,4). [7.5]

3261 Following their debacle at the 'Veliaze Crisis', the Empire made a quick grab for Tililia(-4,-1), a disputed system, notorious for the VLA scandal only ten years earlier. The Federation, otherwise distracted with their own political problems, offered no resistance. [7.4]

3262 The Veliaze(-2,3) puppet government is overthrown, and shortly after joins the Alliance of Independent Systems as its 24th member system. [7.1]

3262 INRA fails to prevent Veliaze(-2,3) from joining the AIS. The AJN Bounty is dispatched to protect the new Alliance member. Although its mission was successful, it received such heavy battle damage that it was scrapped the same year. [7.5]

3265 James Winston and his crew of fourteen bounty hunters smash the notorious "Sirius Templar" organized piracy ring. [7.5]

3268 Winston joins the AJN's security division - the AJNIB, after an unorthodox recruitment method is used on him.[Footnote 1] [7.5]

3269 The AJN Eastwood is destroyed after a collision with Phekda 6. The entire crew abandoned ship successfully when it was apparent the collision was unavoidable. [7.5]

3270 The new AJN battlecruiser, the Victor class, is unveiled. The first ship of its class, the AJN Hood, is launched. [7.5]

3272 The AJN flagship, the Valiant-class AJN Fearless is replaced by a Victor class ship of the same name. The ship is commanded by James K. Winston. [7.5]

3276 A strange object of unknown origin is discovered in the vicinity of Liazeda(-12,3). Named the LRA (Liazeda Radio Anomoly), the Alliance research ship, the Lion, is sent to investigate. The LRA and the ship disappears and its fate is still unknown in 3296. Only a handful of crew, who were deploying probes from two Explorer- class vessels return. [7.5]

3280 James Winston is promoted to Fleet Admiral of the AJN. [7.5]

3284 Federation Democratic Council ratifies the Instellar Crisis Management Act which allows for "rapid access to any and all available resources to deal with any crisis which effects an entire system or systems. This can be anything from the threat of supernova, medical emergencies and similar incidents." [7.5]

3288 First fatigue problems found in the AJN's Valiant-class battleships. The AJN Enterprise is scrapped after unusually high fatigue damage is discovered. The ship is replaced by a new Victor class, the AJN Ark Royal. [7.5]

3289 Battle of Biggs Colony. 74,000 Imperial Soldiers killed by under-estimated rebel forces on the planet of Biggs Colony in the sytem of Altair(-2,1). [7.5]

3293 MD Transpatial of Altair(-2,1), Koord Astro-Logistics of Barnard's Star(-1,0) and the Eta Cassiopia Communications Company merge to form the 'R3 Corporation', bringing a new era in ship and ship system technology. The companys headquarters are located at Manchester, Trojan, Eta Cassiopeia(0,2). Admiral Mike D. Miketan heads the corporation as its CEO. [13]

3293 The Emperor Hengist of the Achenar Empire steps down from the throne due to ill health, his son, Harold takes his place. [20.1]

3294 James Winston steps down as Fleet Admiral, and becomes the commander of the Turner Space Combat Academy. [7.5]

3294 'The Cause' is started by a group of anarchists dedicated to "bringing the concept of justice to populated space" through direct action against megacorporations and governments. [7.5]

3296 The ITS Duval Dynasty is blown up by VLA terrorists. [20.2]

3296 A bloodless rebellion on Phekda(2,5) sees a new government with aspirations to join the Alliance. The Federation and Empire try and take Phekda(2,5) when it is discovered that the system is ripe for military fuel production. Skillful diplomacy and a show of force by the AJN repels the attack with little bloodshed. [7.1] [7.5]

3296 Deep space probes return with news that the star, Betelgeuse, went supernova. The Alliance Science Council dispatches hundreds of deep space probes to study the nova. Meanwhile, a second LRA-object is discovered. Considerably more caution is taken examining this object. It still yields few secrets, and eventually disappears with a number of deep space probes attached to it. [7.5]

3296 James Winston is captured by Federation forces and held in prison on Boston Base, Barnard's Star(-1,0). This creates a massive protest by AIS citizens and the military. Winston's nephew finds himself harassed by the Federals due to his presence on the station at the time of his uncle's capture. Membership in 'The Cause' increases exponentially as a result of Winston's alleged kidnapping by the Federation and imprisonment. 'The Cause' makes its official base on Davies Earth in the Quator(-3,-5) system and aquires the Long Range Cruiser Azure Sunset. [7.5]

3298 Phekda(2,5) officially joins the AIS, and is the 25th system to do so. [7.5]

3299 'Harald the Imposter' is deposed in a coup by the genuine Harald of the Achenarian Empire. [20.1]

The Thirty Fourth Century

3300 Despite warning from the Stellar Monitoring Service in 3200 that Arcturus might collapse into a White Dwarf within 100 years, the star is still a Red Giant. [3.1.4]

3300 The White Navy decides to put the designs for the Imperial Courier into the public domain, after announcing a successor is shortly on the way. [8.1]

3301 The New Phekdan Army is formed by the Phekdan government [23].

3303 Commander James Winston (former Admiral of the AJN) dies aged 67 after crashing into an asteroid. He was giving a practical lesson in low level bombing for the Turner Space Cadets Academy (TSCA) when his ships control system suffered an unexpected failure. [7.6]

3306 Five people were killed and almost one hundred injured, when a number of ships carried out an attack at the New Rossyth starport. The authorities believe that the infamous interstellar villain, Norman Mosser, or perhaps one of his clones, was somehow involved. [20.3]


[Footnote 1] From the Expanded Elite Timeline: '[Note: There's more of this story to come, but I'm not giving it away since it's part of "Deceit, Harmony & Pleasure" I haven't written yet. And yes, I do have an outline of what happens ;-)]'


The Chronicles were written using Microsoft Wordpad on Windows 98 with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768. The should be viewed in its default Times New Roman, size 10, with the text wordwrapped to the window, which itself is maximised.

On the whole the Chronicles are almost entirely based on events that happened throughout the Frontier series, and those found in fan fiction. There are a few personal additions which are either based on official FFE data or fan fiction data. The bulk of the information is taken straight from Dylan Smiths's excellent 'Extended Elite Timeline' aswell as other pages on his website. This is the reason that almost all of the entries for the 33rd century have the source reference [7.5] after them.

Place Names

Place names are usually those found in Frontier:First Encounters, though some older names from Frontier: Elite may unintentionally be there. For instance, New California, Alioth in 'Elite:Frontier' was renamed to Turner's World in Frontier: 'First Encounters', as was Gordonsworld to Argent's Claim.

One system (or planet) that remains to be located is Inera. The system is named in several sources, though without a clue as to its location. The only source that provides a hint as to where it is is from the short story 'Dark Wheel' where it is mentioned alongside one locatable system, Reorte(-3,-5), and several other unlocatable systems (or perhaps planets), Ceinzala, Rexebe, Bierle, Xezoar: That tonne of frozen bladderlash that would have fetched eight credits a month ago at Ceinzala, against a buying price of three from its homeworld Reorte, will suddenly be worth only two. The demand for bladderlash had not lessened. The speculators have made a secret killing, and fixed up the market. Hit and miss. Alex and Elyssia had been lucky so far. they had carried Vargorn mind-silk between Rexebe and Inera and doubled their intitial hundred credits. They had ferried the gold-flake scales of Geretean reptiles and only just covered their costs. They had supplied twenty tonnes of sunflower seeds to the grotesque amphibioid inhabitants of Bierle... But on Xezaor the Shanaskilk furs (bought at thirty galactic credits the tonne) were likely to be their best bet yet. It is possible that Inera is Inena(3,-6), and that the 'r' is actually an 'n' that was misread by a scanner when the original paper copy was transferred from print to computer.

Conflicting Dates

There are conflicting dates given over the actual year that the Thargoids were defeated during the 3100's. David Hughes ( and the FFE journal articles both claim 3151, whereas Dylan Smith ( has a later date of 3193. As the official FFE game journals identify 3151 as the date that the Thargoids were eradicated [14.7], that is the date that has been used in the Chronicles.

Other conflicting dates between and concerning the dissolution of GalCop have been modified to best accomodate both timelines fully. Hughes posits 3149 -3170 as the period of GalCops decline and final collapse following its failed attempt to defeat the Thargoids. Whereas Smith offers a single date, 3123, as the year of GalCops collapse.

In order that the Chronicles accord with dates from as much of the fan fiction as they can, most of the dates regarding GalCop and the Thargoid wars given by Hughes have been used, instead of those by Smith. As far as I can tell, the Hughes dates don't conflict with any of the dates from the stories on the website, such as those by Mark Fossa (Mark Pritchard and Max Weaver) and Dylan Smith (James Winston). Therefore there are no inconsistencies.

Below are 'inferred' dates from the Expanded Elite Timeline which are not used in the Chronicles as they conflict with those from

  • 3050 First reported contact with insectoid alien race known as the Thargoids ends in hostility.
  • 3055 The second Thargoid invasion officially begins. Massive fleets of Thargoid warships carrying remote controlled fighters ruthlessly cut a swathe into occupied human territory, encroaching on a cluster of stars centered around Alioth(0,4). GalCop Navy is mobilized to respond.
  • 3100 The GalCop Navy manages to beat the Thargoid invasion back, a battle line is drawn, centred on sector 9,9. The Thargoids begin sending small reconnaissance fleets 3 behind the battle line and deep into Human territory to survey various systems for later conquest and to raid commercial shipping.
  • 3123 Galactic Cooperative is reduced in its power to that of an interstellar police force due to its failure to repel the Thargoid invasion. Existence of the INRA is officially announced by the Federation and Empire and the INRA Attack Wing is created. Citizens of both superpowers are encouraged to enlist to help stave off the invasion. GalCop becomes known as the Interpol and it finds itself under much scrutiny by the Federation and Empire.
  • 3127 Federation and Empire officially reject authority of Interpol and form their own police forces. Interpol is relegated to policing non-aligned systems and smaller confederacies.
  • 3193 Thargoid invasion halted by INRA's introduction of a Mycoid virus into the Thargoids' living machinery. The Thargoids vanish from human space entirely and Humanity begins a period of re-colonization and revitalization.


Concerning the secretive organisation known as INRA, it has at least three alternative names: the FFE Journals (number 0574) calls them 'Intergalactic Naval Reserve Arm', Dylan Smith ( them the 'Intergalactic Naval Research Arm', while Matthew Fossa ( calls them the 'Interstellar Navy Representative Amalgamation'. For convenience sakes, the INRA name in this timeline is the official FFE Journal name.

Starting Date of the 'Elite' Games

Concerning the starting date of Elite, this is from the website: ‘’The date of Commander Jameson’s death is taken from the manual of Frontier, and from this we can work out the approximate time that Elite is set, since Jameson is obviously intended to be the Jameson from Elite save-game fame. Since Jameson probably devoted a few years to the pursuit of Elite status, we can assume that he started a family relatively late in life, say around 25-30 years old (assuming that he started his space career at about 20 years old). Given that he is presenting a ship to his grandchildren, we can assume that space flight is a family tradition, so we can assume the same about his children - they started families at around 25-30 years of age. Assume the grandchild represented in Frontier is about 20. That gives us about 70-80 years passing between the start of Elite and the start of Frontier. Using this logic, we can say that Elite is set around 3125.’’ [10.1]

GalCop and the Interstellar Economy

The above information is useful as it indicates the period of time that the GalCop Trading System (GCTS) changed it's commodities listing, and their prices. For example 'Food' in Elite, average price 4.4Cr; in Frontier and FFE food no longer existed and was replaced with 'Grain' 38.9Cr, 'Fruit and Veg' 99.2Cr, 'Animal Meat' 152Cr, and 'Synthetic Meat' 19.7Cr. Furthermore, as the prices in Elite were considerably lower than in Frontier and FFE (max average in Elite per crate 114.8Cr versus 3000Cr in FFE), it seems reasonable to suppose that either the galactic wide economy underwent some perturbations, or the GCTS restructured its commodities classification process, e.g. maintaining the price per kg but increasing the quantity of goods per crate, or maintaining the same quantity but increasing the cost of each crate of goods. Since the GalCop Trading System was taken over by the ZITCO corporation between 3125 and 3200, it is entirely possible that the changes were made soon after ZITCO began operating the galactic wide stockmarket system.

The following charts are from the Elite Manual. Contrast the prices with those from FFE. Of course, for the trading data, all FFE commodities are expressed in tonnes, which is almost certainly intended in terms of Mass (1000kg), but would be more suitably expressed in volume, which is more commonly measure for cargo. X has posited five cubic metres as the standard interstellar ship ton, and it seems a good measure. (The present day tonnages are around one to two cubic metres, depending on the type e.g. register ton or freight ton). Furthermore, I have extrapolated this to mean that the typical trading crate can hold four cubic metres, which would leave enough thickness for the crates walls.

Item Elite Price FFE Price FFE:Elite Price Ratio
Fuel Varies 10 H Fuel (50 M Fuel) n/a
Missile 30 45 - 144 1.5 - 4.8
Large Cargo Bay 400 n/a n/a
ECM System 600 1,080 1.8
Pulse Laser 400 810 - 2,700 2.03 - 6.75
Beam Laser 1,000 6,300 - 54,000 6.3 - 54
Fuel Scoops 525 3,150 6
Escape Capsule 1,000 18,000 18
Energy Bomb 900 17,100 19
Extra Energy Unit 1,500 9,900 (Energy Booster) 6.6
Docking Computers 1,500 n/a n/a
Galactic Hyperdrive 5,000 7,200 - 432,000 1.44 - 86.4
Mining Lasers 800 10,800 13.5
Military Lasers 6,000 n/a n/a

Average FFE:Elite ratios 7.62 - 37.99

Item Average Elite Price FFE Default Prices FFE:Elite Price Ratio
Food 4.4 tonne 20 - 140 4.55 - 31.82
Textiles 6.4 tonne n/a n/a
Radioactives 21.2 tonne -4 -0.19
*Slaves 8.0 tonne 1,000 125
Liquor/Wines 25.2 tonne 400 15.87
Luxuries 91.2 tonne 1,400 15.35
*Narcotics 114.8 tonne 600 5.23
Computers 84.0 tonne 450 5.36
Machinery 56.4 tonne 75 - 125 1.33 - 2.22
Alloys 32.8 tonne 25 0.76
*Firearms 70.4 tonne 500 - 600 7.1 - 8.52
Furs 56.0 tonne 800 14.29
Minerals 8.0 kg 7 0.88
Gold 37.2 kg 1,700 45.7
Platinum 65.2 kg 1,700 26.07
Gem-stones 16.4 g 3,000 182.93
Alien Items 27.0 tonne Unknown n/a

(*These items are defined as illegal by the Galactic Government, so trading in them is risky.)

Average FFE:Elite ratios (excluding minerals, gold, platinum and gem stones, because they are not measured in Gal tonnes), 12.66 - 29.06

System GDPs:

In the Elite manual there was also data on planetary economics. There are at least 12 Tech Level systems:

Data on Reorte (from the Elite Manual [19]):

Society: Poor agricultural dictatorship
Tech Level: 6
Population: 3,200,000,000
GDP: 5,288,000,000 Cr
GDP/cap/annum: 1.65 Cr

Data on Maesin (from the Elite manual [19]):

Society Poor agricultural anarchy
Tech Level 1
Population 800,000,000
GDP 768,000,000 Cr
GDP/cap/annum 0.96 Cr

Data on Tiraor (from Vendetta):

Society Rich Industrial Communist State
Tech Level n/a
Population 4,500,000,000
GDP 26,700,000,000 Cr
GDP/cap/annum 5.93 Cr

Data on Artear (from Vendetta):

Society Poor Agricultural Dictatorship
Tech Level 4
Population 2,800,000,000 ('..population of just under three billion..')
GDP 55,346 Cr
GDP/cap/annum 0.000019 Cr

The Cost of Slaves and a Typical Salary:

If the standard trading crate contains 1000 kg of slaves (assuming the tonne is mass and not volume), and the average weight of a slave is 75kg (50kg for a sex slave, 75kg for a technician, 100kg for a manual labourer), then each one tonne contains X number of slaves:

  • Sex slaves: 1000kg / 50kg = 20
  • Technical slaves: 1000kg / 75kg = 13
  • Labourer slaves: 1000kg / 100kg = 10

The cost of a single slave is calculated by dividing the cost of one ton of slaves by the number of slaves per ton:

  • Sex slave: 8 Cr / 20 = 0.40 Cr
  • Technical slave: 8 Cr / 13 = 0.62 Cr
  • Labourer slave: 8 Cr / 10 = 0.80 Cr

To determine the salary of a worker who would perform the same job as a slave, then you need to make a number of assumptions: Firstly, assume that the retail/resale costs are no or little different to wholesale costs; secondly, a typical two year return on investment, which seems acceptable for a business investment (after the two years is up, if the slave owner employed a freeworker to do the job then he would have to keep paying the employees salary, thus the cost of a slave would be equivalent to two years freeworker salary); thirdly, there are no other overheads associated with owning a slave (e.g. taxation, permits, licences) compared to employing a free worker.

Taking these into account, and with a slave costing 0.62Cr, then a typical employee working in the same job should earn around 0..31Cr per annum (0.62Cr / 2).

(However as slavery is illegal in Elite, it means that the cost of slaves is lower than it would be if slavery was legal. Real life examples demonstrate this:

In 1850 in the USA, when slavery was legal, a typical (agricultural) slave labourer would cost around $400, whilst a labourer working a similar job could expect to earn about $140 a year. Thus the cost of the slave is about 2.8 times the salary of the same worker. But in 2010 UK, when slavery is illegal, a (sex) slaver worker could cost $500, whilst a prostitute could expect to earn $36,000 a year. Thus the cost of the slave is about 72 times the salary of the same worker, which demonstrates that there is a huge difference in prices of slaves/goods between a legal and illegal market.)

An alternate method of determining an average salary for a typical worker would be to express it in terms of spending on foodstuffs (which is often around 20% of income):

  • Quantity of food consumed per capita per annum = 365 days * 1.5 kilogram of food = 547.5 kilograms.
  • Cost of food per kilogram = (4 Cr / 1000 kilogram) = 0.004 Cr
  • Total cost of expenditure on food per capita per annum = 0.004 Cr * 547.5 kilograms = 2.19 Cr
  • Estimated salary per capita based on food costs representing 20% of salary = (2.19 Cr / 20) * 100 = 10.95 Cr

Undated Historical Events

From the sources there are also pieces of information that don't contain any actual dates, but do give approximate indications of when an event occurred relative to another event; which could be useful if the dates of the other events can be found out. These are as follows:

  • [The first settlement of Cemeiss in 3055] was also before the invention of the shield generator. [1]
  • The first colony [in the Fawaol system] was established two years after discovery of the planet. [1]
  • [Riedquat] ‘’has now’’ [, in 3200,] ‘’been in a state of anarchy or civil war for some five hundred years..’’ [1]
  • [It is 3200, and] The territorial rights over the Zeaex system has been disputed between the Empire and Federation for over two centuries. [1]
  • Cambridge's Hole, named after the miner Grambourne Cambridge who was first to stake claim to the world, [...]’’Erronsa Ashfield followed Grambourne to the system ten years later with permission to mine granted by the Empire. [1]
  • Corporate run World [in the Phiagre system] occurred within a decade of first landing.. [1]
  • The Zelada system was colonised at roughly the same time as Ququve.. [1]
  • [T]hirty four years [after it was first developed,] the potato-grape was revived, when it was found to provide a perfect feed for the newly discovered Verrix beast of Phiagre. [1]
  • The Thargoids were first reported in human space by Lens Nikon, supervisor of the 'Planets Unlimited' Terra-formation Project on New Africa (Veliaze -2,3). They appeared in large numbers following the initial stages of planetary alteration. [...]There followed the complete destruction of all Thargoid ships in the area, including the mother ship. [...]Hostilities continued for the next century and a half with neither side making sane communication with the other. [14.10]

Sundry Notes

From the FFE manual:

  • Pulse Lasers become outmoded about a hundred and twenty years ago, when someone discovered how to fire a laser charge while simultaneously charging the laser cannon from the energy bank.
  • When Electronic Counter Measures were first introduced, the only missile available was the KL760. Soon after ECM systems became standard on a lot of ships, the LV1 1 1 Smart Missile hit the market.
  • The Imperial Navy were the first people to get hold of the Blueprints for the LV111, and therefore created the monopoly on the next generation of ECM systems. Their Naval ECM system works in exactly the same way as the standard ECM, only it is even more effective against the standard KL760 and also works on the LV111. [I]t is completely useless against Navy Grade Missiles however[.]
  • [T]here are at present 172,934 different laws that will furnish you with the death penalty in the Empire alone
  • Finally [the Viper 1 was] made available to the public in the last 60 years
  • Bulletin Boards exist on every colonised planet and starbase in the galaxy, and form the crux of the communication service for that area. Replacing the long outdated 'mail' system in the early 21 st Century, Bulletin Boards were a way of sending messages, information and other computer data to just about anyone, provided you had their address. Radio as it was known died, and the human race could finally connect with life across the galaxy. Finally the digital age had come. As man moved into space, he took this new technology with him. This led into the bulletin board systems we have now, which were standardised in 2885, and are now the same wherever you go.
  • One thing you should bear in mind is that all transactions are recorded by the BBS computer, and videotapes can be made available to galactic courts should you try and back down on an agreement.
  • We recommend that all pilots join as freelance agents, as the academies currently have a seven year waiting list and the prison ships couldn't be any more guarded.

From the Elite Manual

  • Each Coriolis station has a diameter of 1 standard kilometre. They can berth 2000 ships, and support a fair-sized colonial life development of humanoids.
  • More than forty miles long, the dredgers are a life-form to themselves. The Dredgers are huge cities in space, feeding off debris and ruination. Heavily armed, and with fleets of reconditioned fighter ships, they are to be avoided at all cost.
  • Lance & Ferman Homing Missiles (4x4) [..] Prototype[s were] first used in 2987, during Ineran Wars.
  • Pressurized cargo canisters are the Universal means of storing cargo for Interplanetary Space voyaging. Made of HiFlux Chromon-alloy, they hold one Gal Tonne of goods, under variable pressure and temperature conditions. Tales have been told of such barrels being discovered after over 500 years on barren moons

[Thus Gal Tonne crates have been in use since 3125 (the start of Elite) - 500 years; so, 2625 at the latest).]

  • For the benefit of new traders, a brief political summary is given below, but reference should be made to Kroweki & Carr's PsychoHistory and Economic Theory in the GalFederation, 2845.


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