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I was just thinking: Under FFE there is a ships sub group, but all the ships are shown in the FFE root directory as well. Already its starting to get a bit cluttered: I reckon we should just leave the ships under ships and people under people - that way its real clear what is what and where it belongs. What do you guys think?

Yeah, makes sense to me, but I'm too timid/clueless to make the necessary changes. Any volunteers? - Steve (FrontierAstro)
Oh, and also, a lot of the ships are part of FE2 as well, which complicates things.


I guess just make sure they show up under the right categories (so the FFE ships that are common to FE2 should be in both categories). See how things are shaping up over in the Oolite category. Since Oolite is much different to FFE and a bit different to Classic, ship pages (where the ship names are the same as an FFE ship) get a 'Ship Name (Oolite)' page. (Eventually, I may make disambiguation pages for these). There is also a separate 'Oolite Ships' page with a ship listing linking to the right things (and which is linked from the page on Oolite). Same with equipment. --Winston

Lance and Ferman

I can't remember the specifics, i'll have to look it up before i post anything, but they made guns in the original elite. different ships and different guns, but the cobra had L&F. In FFE, guns are divided into 'beam' and 'pulse' and 'PA' weapons. there is no differentiation in price or manufacturer. do we assume then that one man makes all? or that you just get the local producer at each starport or that they all make the same thing with the same price despite being competitors? I am just wondering how to do the company Lance and Ferman in terms of FFE, asi guess technically, it isn't part of, but for all we know, it could be.

comments please.

-Jack Hamilton