Anaconda (Frontier)

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Maximum gross mass 150t
Empty mass 800t
Payload 650t
Main thruster accel 6g
Retro thruster accel 3g
Gun mountings 2
Missiles 8
Crew 8
Hyperdrive ranges Class 3: 3.37
Class 4: 6.00
Class 5: 9.37
Class 6: 13.50
Class 7: 18.37
Standard drive Class 6
Fuel scoop yes


The Anaconda is one of those ships you are going to find yourself using when you've decided against bounty hunting or piracy as a way of life. With one of these, your primary occupation is going to be trading, with perhaps a little short-range taxi service work thrown in. Alternatively, work for the Federal or Imperial Navy can be undertaken, providing the distances involved are not too great.

Notable Features

As described in the Space Trader's Flight Training Manual, the Anaconda is equipped with Dizaoner SpaceWares swing float platforms as standard. These ingenious inventions are basically load-balance metering devices which enable the Captain or his/her loadmaster to re-arrange cargo within seconds. This has the benefit of greatly speeding up loading and unloading times when docked, but also allows the load to be arrange to improve manoeuvrability of the great ship.


All ships of this size suffer in the speed and agility stakes, but somehow the Anaconda fares worse than most. It's handling characteristics have been likened to those of an asteroid and that may, in fact, be unkind to asteroids. You aren't going to get between or within systems very quickly with this ship and you aren't going to particularly enjoy the experience either.


By all means buy one of these if you want to devote your life to trading, otherwise avoid it like a pack of angry Thargoids.

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